The symbol of Satan is a square and compass
Which is a circle and a square

The circle is the rings of Saturn
And the square is the 4 sided cube at Saturns north pole

Muslims walk around their black cube god Kaaba
Which is the dark alter ego of Saturn who is Satan

The freemason and basketball star Kobe Bryant
Had a black helicopter that was blue at the staged media event of the fake crash scene
Kobi is the same as Kaaba

Freemason celebrities get fake deaths
To symbolize their transference to an artificial body

A boxing ring is a 4 sided square
Many times the boxing match is scheduled for 3 or 7 rounds
3 and 7 are the main demarcation areas of the round rings of Saturn

University means the universe city of Saturn
If you attend you have to pay a tuition
Which means you have to lose your intuition

Graduation is the completion of the gradual indoctrination
Where you wear a square mortarboard or black cube of Satan on your head

You also wear a black robe
Which is the black covering of Saturn viewed as Satan

A Masters degree is Masonic
Given the 3rd degree
Is a Masonic ritual that has a perverted sex act
In which the initiates who are now compromised sexually rise to a higher level

A doctorate is the highest indoctrination

Children are given a 6 sided star for their work
Which is Venus in front of Saturn in the former age

This star is the hexagon or 6 sided hex which means spell

The cloning centers around the world have many clones
Mainly of celebrities and high profile people

During REM sleep their consciousness shifts to their clones at the cloning centers
Clones are used for experimentation and abuse

Clones have awareness and are not there voluntarily
They will readily obey orders to get out of their circumstance

When a clone is disobedient they are often beaten to death
And are easily replaced

Hollywood uses clones for scenes of pain

Clones are created with just a tiny snippet of DNA
Binding negatively charged molecules of DNA with positive charged particles of protective silica
Makes synthetic DNA

The heart is the light of the world
It is the seat of the soul

It is the guide that whispers truth
And harmonizes the souls relationship with the mind

It carries the capacity for boundless compassion
And with it we come to the realization of the interconnectedness of all life

Without it we become monsters
With it we attune to the beauty and abundance that surrounds us!