Our plane was once a vastly dissimilar world

We had a temperate climate the year round
And water rose up from the ground in the form of mist

Trees grew to an enormous size
And there was abundant vegetation and plant life everywhere

Animals of different species and variations within these species flourished
As there was no lack of nutritious food

There was no DNA damage and no species wanted to harm anyone else

The Polar Axis generated life giving plasma
And this was the Fountain of Youth described in myth and legend

The god Saturn presided over this Golden Age
Amidst the Assembly of the Gods

The Great God was fixed in the middle of the sky
And formed a celestial floating city
Or island that emerged from the midst of a heavenly sea
This was Shangri La

The god Aten ruled his city in the center of the waters of Nun
Poseidon with his cosmic trident wielded power in the White Island of Zeus
Which was a supreme pure land

Pillars of Cosmic Grace led to the White Diamond Sun
Which was surrounded by a Rose Gold Dragon or Ouroboros

Copper Rose Gold emanated from the Cosmic Christ or Mars
Thoth was also Mars and was the son of Enki or Saturn
Enki ruled over the Anunnaki who were the Assembly of moons and planets
These were the lesser gods

The female principle was Venus
Who was the daughter of Saturn and the wife or mother of Mars

Her radiant discharges produce the Rosette and the Holy Cross
Her ethereal streamers animated Saturn
Her luminous emerald of incandescent resplendent light
Created the Garden of Eden
Bestowing on her the title Goddess of Agriculture

She was Aphrodite Urania who aroused immediate desire in all who beheld her
Innana a great warrior and agent of the storm
And Isis or the Queen of Heaven who was worshipped in the Old Testament

Our realm was invaded
The electromagnetic field was altered
And the universal axis was modified

The gods left
And the earth no longer gave of its abundance

Our precious metals were mined by intruders
Seeking the alchemical properties within rare and specialized minerals

The saturation of copper frequencies
Has initiated a repairing sequence of elemental Metra tonic codes
To restore the natural kingdom

And reinstall our multi dimensional nature!