Off world technology has caused mass mind control
The frequency fence was placed there by the Dracos

The black cube on the south pole of Saturn
Acts as a signal receiver to frequencies generated by CERN
Creating wormholes to other dimensions

The AI moon takes these frequencies and creates dark geometries
That produce holograms of suffering

The manufactured North Star acts like a prism
As it spins its orientation changes
Which moves the projection and affects the frequency of the cosmic current

We vibrate with these unnatural frequencies
Because our mind is like a pulsating radio signal
Tuned into the resonance which surrounds us

Everything being done is to keep us in the 3D platform
To shut us down so that we become recyclable and used over and over

Our cells are electrical capacitors which hold vibration
In order to sustain their negative hologram the dark side has to use our energy
They need our mental projection to hold up their illusion

The dark entities and their human accomplices have accumulated so much negativity
That they cannot go beyond the 3D structure

We have become their battery that allows them to remain in this realm

As our world incorporates 5D
As divine plasma from the God Field infiltrates our realm
As the 3rd wave of Star seeds populate the earth

The Archon structure is collapsing
And a positive restructuring is taking place

We are in a matrix of frequencies
Mobilize your resonance and shift

You are god within the fractal field
Imagine how you want the world to be
And download the sound wave into the aether!