In the movie The Fifth Wave
An implanted microchip made people think
The ones who did not have it were evil aliens

And that they had a parasite
So they needed to be hunted

The third wave was the fake virus
The fourth wave was the fake variant
The fifth wave will be a fake parasite

This is inserted as predictive programming in movies
Such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers
And Aliens

The plot is otherworldly beings using humans to kill other humans

5D has infiltrated our 3D realm
Humans are totally unaware of this
Because the visible light waves which we see
Make up only about 1.5 percent of the entire light spectrum

Holographic lasers run 24/7
And hide the real world from us
That they do not want us to see

The nano smart dust within us
Acts with the frequency waves
So that we perceive the world in a fashion they want us to see it

Because of the chemtrailed metallicized ionized atmosphere
There is a barium refractive synthetic veil
That they conduct pulsed beam technology from

Holograms can have moving stereograms

A large scale social engineering psyop
Is being unleashed on Seattle

15000 hertz frequency waves that carry a 200 – 4000 hertz output of hypnotic messages
Are being directed at the Emerald City
To produce a desired response to an upcoming event

The brain can hear the voice and understand it
But the person is unaware of it

A false flag or scripted event is planned for Seattle

The hammer and sickle of China is about ready to invade Taiwan
Chinese cruise ships have transported tanks to the island of the Tiger

The LaPalma volcano is going to be triggered by high frequency waves
An east coast tsunami will be triggered underwater in the Long Island Sound
But will be blamed on the volcano

A red crescent moon will signal the time
Which looks imminent!