The power of ones presence will determine
If they are reaped in the harvest

When a person has fine tuned discernment
It produces a balanced flow which harmonically synthesizes
Into a higher form expression that aligns to Gods living light
As an eternal consciousness

This unifying intelligence communicates with our cells and gives us inner guidance
Stair stepping us to more levels of the frequency bridge
In high vibration spectrums

Our 5 known senses are online for the bands of frequencies in the 3D level
Humans are designed to have at least 7 more sensory abilities
That maximizes our DNA potential

When one passes on they carry the conscious vibration
Of the genetic field that they had
Which is based in your auric light quotient

Compassion for other beings increases your light quotient
While fear and insensitivity decrease it

When a highly developed being connects their light language and library of genetic codes
They reconfigure the reality into a new timeline
Connecting it to other dimensions

Consciousness is the battery source that powers reality systems
The dimensional reality will manifest the programs or belief systems
That the consciousness is convinced is real

Many belief systems are controlled by outside sources unknown to the common person

A being can express other realities just by belief
They can get out of a state of fear suffering or sacrifice just by changing beliefs

In this way new realities are being birthed!