In Illuminati belief one is required
To take the Reverse Gender Oath
In order to become a god

The Hollyweird elite is full of males acting as females
Sandra Bullock Helen Hunt Scarlett Johansson Taylor Swift Madonna
Jessica Parker Nicole Kidman Gabbie Hanna Chloe Bailey Beyonce

All of the Presidential first ladies are males

Females also act as males
Joel Osteen Sonny Bono Mic Jaegar Michael J Fox
To name a few

When their time is complete their deaths are faked

Joel Osteen did not die in a swimming pool

Their consciousness is then transferred to a cloned body
Jimi Hendrix became Morgan Freeman
Bobbi Darin resurfaced as Kevin Spacey

The brains of the upper elite are kept in jars
Then transferred to a cloned host body

Charles Manson became George Bush Jr
Adolph Hitler became Walt Disney

As more and more entities flood our realm through portals created by CERN
The bodies of celebrities are being possessed by otherworldly beings

Joe Bidon has reptilian eyes
Donald Trump is not human

They get fitted with cyborg bodies and fitted with a neuro link
Joe Bidon has a robot style of walking

Nikita Dragan is a robot clone

These operations are done by Lucent Technologies
Whose main office is 666 W 5th Ave in New York City
Whose sister company is Lucifer Manufacturing

It is owned by the Jared Kushner family
Who are close to the Rothchilds
As well as George Soros and Benjamin Netanyahu

We are in an era of synthetic reality

The world is a stage and the masses are the ignorant audience

The elite are acting as celebrities and upper level politicians

The answer to the question
How many of them are human
Is not many!