If you watch negative movies
You will get back negativity

We live in a projected hologram
And each reality has a different frequency
You change your reality by the frequency of your thoughts

The vibrating structure that exists is a result of our frequency

The black and white Masonic Chessboard represents the structure
Which is the quantum fractality of the universe

It is how our vampiric overlords try to control our destiny
It is how the magicians of the matrix cast their spells
It is how the dark magic of witchcraft is thrust upon an unwary public

The recent story of 4 murdered students at the University of Idaho
Has all the earmarks of a psyop

It is said they all 4 were stabbed multiple times with defense wounds
Meaning if one was awake and being attacked surely the others would be alerted
Two more students are supposed to have slept through the whole ordeal

It is also said police were notified by an unidentified 911 caller
All calls to the cops are traced so that does not make any sense

It is said they are looking for a suspect that was barely caught on camera
During a late night party escapade in downtown Moscow

Out of town reporters are questioning the mayor
Saying how can students feel safe with a crazed murderer roaming free

This is reminiscent of the fake Manson murders
Where people were also said to be stabbed

During this 1969 CIA psyop the peace movement of hippies was derailed
By associating hippies with bloodthirsty assassins

Charles Manson was actually an actor from British peerage with a privileged background
His followers supposedly under his spell were rich kids from very wealthy families in the Los Angeles area
That found an acting job to pretend to be the Manson family at Spahn Ranch which was a movie set

Then during the fake trial they showed up at the courthouse
Without any hair and sporting Hollywood costumes while they sang and chanted
This had a mesmerizing effect on the public

Then during the subsequent years they showed up for interviews pretending to be in prison
Manson would have a beard and a handkerchief on his head
He would be wearing sunglasses rings and jewelry
All of which are not allowed in prison

Sharon Tate the beautiful Hollywood star supposedly horrifically murdered
Was an actress doing an acting performance
She showed up later as her grieving younger sister

Abigail Folger a fake victim in the second murder spree
Met with Manson and the girls in San Francisco beforehand at a theatre
To rehearse their roles

The purpose of this is to spread fear
To keep vibrations down in order to manifest their agenda

They want to download our consciousness into a negative reality

They want us to watch this negative movie
And spread negativity into the quantum field!