The Super Flower Blood Moon was supposed to have peaked on May 16
It is rare and different than the regular supermoons
That occur 3 or 4 times a year

It is said to have been most brilliant over Moscow Idaho

The moon is supposed to be in the direction of the zodiac sign of Scorpio
Scorpio is a transformational sign

And so a major turning point is about to arrive
Bringing intense endings and revelations

Scorpio is October 23 – November 21

The South Node of Scorpio which is an indicator of destiny is Taurus
The South Node is an intense and emotional water sign

The moon gets bigger because it travels closer to the earth
And it is supposed to turn red because of the bending of light

I happen to live near Moscow Idaho
And I was checking out the full moon every night
It was dazzling but it was not red

It has been full though for an unusual amount of days

The reason it is called a Super Flower Moon
Is supposed to be because of the spring flowers that are in bloom

San Diego and Santiago Chile are also said to be hotspots for viewing
Pictures of New York City with a fake blood moon over it were on the internet

We are being given clues as to the time of planned events

Moscow Idaho is just symbolic of Moscow Russia
And the upcoming war

Santiago Chile which has recently been hit with earthquakes and tsunamis will be hit again
San Diego and Southern California are also main targets

New York City will be underwater as depicted on the dollar bills

The reason it is called a Super Flower Blood Moon
Is because there will be a sprouting of death

The reason the moon is said to be aligned in the direction of Scorpio
Is because this is the time period of the planned events

The reason the South Node is emphasized as a intense water sign
Is because the ocean will be an agent of destruction

The moon is an artificial technology
It can intentionally be moved closer to the earth

It sends out ELF waves

Black Magic is done on full moons

There has been major spell casting rituals
Taking place over the past two years

Especially under the Super Flower Blood Moon!