The Dark Web shows hundreds of synthetic bodies called sleeves
Hanging from assembly lines in underground facilities
Where they are stored in embryonic fluid until they are used above ground

Cloned entities actually shop for new sleeves
Celebrity sleeves have higher prices

The human elite also have access to them

All your experiences and everything that you know is recorded in the cortical stack
Which is at the base of the neck

The cortical stack is downloaded onto a DHF or digital human freight
Which is another name for a sleeve
This is how a persons consciousness is put into another body

Sleeves typically last around 200 years
They can be modified with different features
And can do anything a regular person can do except feel

Everyone in the highest positions are actors
They are not real humans

When the holographic projections of entities such as Alturians in these sleeves fail
Their green scaly flesh is exposed
Which is what happens to Kim Kardashian

Their cold gaze is hidden behind their facial mask
They can shapeshift into their roles
It is not because they go on diets or on some extreme workout routine

They constantly glitch and hide their serpent eyes behind sunglasses
They are devils in disguise from other realms
Masquerading as humans

None of your Hollywood celebrities are real people
One actor can play many roles
John Travolta and Nicholas Cage are the same entity

They have a non human vibration
Their eyes will blink when they are telepathically sending information
This REM or rapid eye movement is like the flashing light of a computer when it reads data

Sentience is the expression of emotions
Animals have that
Synthetic clones do not
Otherworldly entities do not
Although they are good at pretending

Yet we are worshipping the latter
And mercilessly killing and eating the former!