In Canada if you have not taken the jab
You are forbidden to travel
This includes international flights

The only exception is if a person is a member
Of the Temple of Satan

They have recently come out with 7 creeds to make themselves sound appealing

1 Ones own body is inviolable
Subject only to ones own will

One should have this attitude not only to their bodies
But to other bodies such as unborn babies and animals

2 One should act with compassion and sympathy toward all creatures
In accordance with reason

Since eating animals is unhealthy and causes them immeasurable pain
Then why are we eating them

3 The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit
That should prevail over laws and institutions

The meat dairy and egg industry are dishing out just propaganda
They should be jailed for animal cruelty

4 The freedom of others should be respected
To willfully encroach upon the freedom of others is to forego your own

The rights of unborn babies and animals who want to live
Are being totally neglected

5 Beliefs should conform to ones best scientific understanding of the world
One should take care never to distant scientific fact to fit ones belief

Much of science is driven by a profit agenda and should be called pseudoscience
The meat dairy and egg industries pay colleges hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to push their agenda

6 People are fallible and should not be punished for mistakes

They should only be punished for willful harm on other beings

7 The spirit of compassion wisdom and justice should always prevail
Over the written and spoken word

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!