In the movie the Final Cut
People are injected with a microchip at birth
That grows with the neuron center and is virtually undetectable

The chip can then be utilized to delete incidences which will negatively affect ones life
And alternatively cherished memories which fade over time can be revisited and relived

When we start to merge with technology
We become like a drug addicted person
Whose whole life becomes centered around their habit

We then lose our humanity
And give away our power through compliance

There is a planned internet shutdown in the near future
As well as a devised shutdown of the grid
Technology addicts will go through withdrawals

Addicts will do anything to get back their drug
Such as injecting themselves with the micro needle array patch
Because that will be the only way to get on line

We are all on line addicts in varying degrees

The new U Tube video Watch the Water
Proposed snake venom is being put in the municipal water supply to poison us

For the most part this is damage control
To take attention away from the front burner
Which is the damage done by the vaccines

Hundreds of different toxins are in city water supplies
The biggest ones are fluoride and chlorine bleach
Poisoning the wells has been going on for centuries

Viruses can affect our micro biome which is our innate healthy bacteria
The AIDS virus is in the vaccine as part of the delivery system of mRNA
This genetic cargo will change our DNA

Viruses are injected not breathed upon us by other people

31 toxin like peptide sequences of snake venom were found by the researchers
These were injected not drank

Bio chemicals can be made to attack our micro biome
Then our bacteria will produce venomous peptides

But also always drink filtered water

Pet food is a combination of dead sprayed plants
And animal carcass parts that are sitting around in piles at the slaughterhouse

Abortion is just another Frankenstein method of obtaining human meat

Research on unborn babies and live animals is abhorrent to any normal person

The ones who are pushing these ghastly schemes upon us are not normal people

And they have become that way from the influence of non humans!