In the movie Men in Black
The agents read the Tabloids to get the real news

Alien abductions are actually directed energy nervous system modulation experiments

Our brains naturally have magnetic magnetite minerals
5 million magnetite crystals per gram of brain cells
10 billion magnetic magnetite crystals in the cerebral cortex

This is how we naturally aligned to the frequencies of higher realms

Now we are inundated with nano particles which amplify the magnetic field
And enhance coupling to electric currents
That open us up to external control
And allow access to our internal bioelectric neural circuits

The spirits of darkness are inspiring their human hosts
To drive all inclinations towards spirituality out of their souls
So that they can dwell in the body of their hosts

They have obfuscated the existence of ley lines in public knowledge
Which we can actually activate by our exchange of consciousness
Our bio neurology is hardwired to this intelligence stream

There are 13 main ley lines called Dragon Lines

In Great Britain ley lines run through Mount St Michael Cornwall
Avebury Glastonbury and the Lincoln Cathedral
In America they run through Chaco Canyon the Grand Canyon and Serpent Mound

In previous epochs pearlescent waves from the Eye of God which was the Ankh Rose Venus
Or golden fire vapors from the Heavenly Father or Saturn
Or Mars the Redeemer who was also Melchizedek or Michael descended the northern axis
And united our pineal and pituitary glands in cosmic activation

Everyone is accountable for the direction of their Life Force
There is a point where one will lose their light and become soul less

As ones core manifestation template is changed
They can exist only by the vampiring of others

The choice is there to move into the Source Code architecture
Or into a false reality which is not eternal

Our DNA template is our instruction set
And our aura is our bio energetic field

The worlds history books have been rewritten
Because our long forgotten past will reveal
How we are supposed to be!