Mercury Mars Venus Jupiter and Uranus
Will be in a planetary parade on March 28

Mercury at perihelion is supposed to be 48 million miles on one side of wobbling planet
And Uranus at perihelion is supposed to be 1.7 billion miles on the other side our spinning globe
How can inner and outer planets at such vast distances line up like pearls on a necklace

Astronomy is just another case of do not think for yourself
Just believe what we tell you

Also an asteroid called City Killer
Is supposed to be making orbits around the sun
Then traveling between the earth and moon

The deep state is preparing our minds for some planned event
In which a hologram will be projected of an asteroid crashing into earth

In the previous epoch Mars and Venus participated in the sacred marriage or hieros gamos
Every 52 years fire from Mars was the primeval spark that impregnated the Virgin Goddess

In Vedic tradition this was the sacred fire of Agni
Whom women beseeched to implant an embryo within their womb

As the Alter of the World otherwise known as the world central axis or Vedi
Lit up from increased charge by plasma infiltration
It drew the planets to itself

The area around Venus was called the Nabhi or navel which was the womb of the Goddess
And was also the luxuriant garden of Inanna where all life originated
It was surrounded by a circle of turquoise

The Aztec story of Nanahuatl is where the Mars god throws himself onto a blazing fire
And suddenly blossoms and transfigures into the sun
Which is also the myth of the fiery death of Pericles upon Mt Geta

Venus was the 4 rayed star known as the 4 petaled flower of life
That formed the holy cross

Venus was also the 8 pointed star of Ishtar
Which was the rosette

She was the fire that was symbolized in the Temple of Vesta in Rome
Where the Vestal Virgins were in charge of keeping the fire

Mars is the red orb that settled within the flower of Venus or flower of Creation
This is the Horus child sitting on the lotus flower
From this flower the sun god could blossom into the world

When the great gods gathered themselves together and took counsel
The Son of the Most High sacrificed himself in the great fire

In the highest heaven he was born and manifested
His blaze illuminated heaven and earth
Arousing even the navel of the world

Agni fills the sky with his shine
Upholding the 4 quarters by his luster
And propping the sky with his light

The Great Star at the crossroads
Became young in the womb of the Mother Goddess

The flower is the cross which creates the womb which is the garden

This story was brought down to earth
In the fictional account of Jesus dying on the cross!