The sun is connected to all other stars
By electric filaments in the Cosmic Web Portal

In 2023 and 2024 there will be a series of Great Solar Flashes
That will culminate in the Great Awakening
Which will be a raising of consciousness
Through electrical activation of the spinal cord

Our 3D reality will become 5D
5D is the Golden Race
Which the controlling elite are trying desperately to prevent

Survivors of these flares will be determined
By their spiritual and mental states

Humans are designed to use their mind with their heart
That is how you raise your vibration and spiritual state

Much of the AI artificial architecture will be wiped out
So attacks on humans are being ramped up

The trioxides and hydrotrioxides in the upper atmosphere that are said to be newly formed
Are the result of spraying Agent Orange on the human population
The so called Monkeypox is Agent Orange

20 plus years of spraying has dulled earths frequencies
The pressure buildup from the imbalance will cause
Pulsed frequencies through the Cosmic Web
Creating a Cosmic Surge

How we perceive the world will change
The lizard people masquerading as humans will be found out
The secret apace program will be revealed

6th density light beings who are in service to the Law of One
Who promote free will and practice the Law of Non Interference
And our Cosmic Cousins in the 4th and 5th dimensions
Both who are stewards to earths spiritual development will provide aid

The elite who serve the Reptilian agenda
Are trying to get us mind controlled while they still can
The rush is on!