Reptilians are stuck in this simulation
They are trying to access higher realms

That is what it is all about

We are tethered to Source
Reptilians/archons do not get energy from Source
So they feed off us

They try to keep us in a low vibrating reality
Through subliminal messages
And telling us what to think

Your belief determines your reality

Fear is from reptilian genetic input

We were meant to get out of the simulation in levels

Reptilians use lower negative people
To try and access higher realms

If you carry a high vibration
They cannot enter you

Dark energies and matrix programmed people
Will be dissolved assimilated and recreated

It is not about judgement
It is about frequency
The frequency you hold in your heart

We are in the second to lowest realm
The frequency of this realm
Has assimilated the lowest realm

So now there is no place to go but up

If you do not make the frequency shift
You will be assimilated

Compassion and love are high frequencies

Compassion for our animal friends
Will raise your frequency

Energy cannot be destroyed
Only changed

We are eternal beings!