We are in a real life video game
Our source code is being stolen

With just two drop of blood
We can be cloned

Then hunted down by the clone
Who wants to replace you in your life

Clones are becoming the norm for all people on TV
Clones obey orders

Humans were all smug thinking they were on top of a so called food chain

Reptilians and humans who are hybridized with reptilian genes
Have human babies daily on their menu

They drink human blood of sacrifice victims
And the blood that non thinking humans give to their doctor

They have human hunting games at their manors and estates

Humans think carnivorism and the food chain is natural and healthy
But if presented with reality will have a change of heart

Our world was once a harmonious place where all species lived together peacefully
And where food was naturally abundant

Nature was respected and cherished
We were grounded in nature

We can still have a world like this

Reptilians are negative and get their ability to be in our realm from our negativity
Ego based thinking is negative
Promoting the slaughter of animals by eating them is negative

We are in a controlled reality
That advances fear and division

Get out of the negative
And focus on the positive!