Jeremiah 19:5 says
The high places of Baal were for child sacrifice
The blood of innocent children were a burnt offering to Baal
They were burned alive in the fire

Child sacrifice ties into adrenochrome
The more pain the more adrenaline that is produced

Adreno is the graphic processing unit of google
And chrome is the google browser

The most widespread heavy metals in chemtrails
Are barium and aluminum
Their periodic symbols are Ba and Al or Baal

The google chrome logo is 666
Just like the CERN logo

The OK sign is also 666
Everybody who is anybody will flash the 666 sign

Celebrities will also do the horned god sign
Which is Baal or Baphomet

Symbols unpack themselves in the subconscious mind
They unfold their inscribed expressions in our vast states of thought
The dancing nurses were sigil magic of body postures

Symbols are used to downgrade our chakra system and override our organic architecture
They install artificial programming and insert false memories of earth timelines

The final countdown coincides with the celestial time wave
The Luciferian and Satanic blood cults that have taken over leadership will be disclosed
As will the genetic modification and cloning of humans

You are the ultimate power
Reprogram your subconscious

One way to connect to your subconscious
Is by imaginations and affirmations in the semi dream state right before you go to sleep

Your imaginations are your own symbols being planted in your unconscious memory that will become manifested
If your affirmations make you feel good then they are already done

Pour all your love into yourself
Your positive energy will attract people to you and raise them up

People will be obsessed with you
But you have to be obsessed with yourself first!