The Gredo Roman Neo Classical Renaissance and Gothic style buildings
Are all technologically advanced
They show a fundamental design of grand arches and columns
Of high bell towers domes and symmetrical spires
Turrets pinnacles and enormous doors

According to the official narrative
Power tools were not invented until the 1890s
And there were no cranes until the 1910’s

Besides cathedrals there were castles temples pyramids and mosques
Whose architecture defies explanation

Others have been turned into government buildings

They were built with precision and perfection

St. Basil Cathedral of the Red Square in Moscow
With its unreal shaping of brick and metal into intricate onion domes

Westminster Abbey London Parliament Building Euston Arch
Parliament House of Ottawa Canada
Penn Station in New York City
Temple of Athena in Athens Greece
Are just a few of a myriad of examples

These were all leftover from the previous civilizations
And were electromagnetic generators
That harnessed and transmitted electrical power

The cavities in the domes were resonators
And the structure inside the cavities were magnetrons

The floral designs of the portals were acoustic resonators of specific frequencies

The Arch de Triumph in Paris was a huge electromagnet

Perfect geometrical star shaped energy edifices have been renamed star forts

They were all constructed with respect to the celestial powers
That were of the nature which made their way of life possible

Blocks of stone some weighing over 100 tons perfectly carved transported and put into place

We could not reproduce any of these today

Life in cities was pretty much vanquished during the reset of 1811-1817
Energy weapons caused life to be extinguished
It also caused soil liquification and moved entire masses of land

Genetically altered human replacements were brought up from underground
We are their descendants

We have been living in a plethora of lies
Not only of history but of a silly heliocentric model of the earth
And fake religions that are meant to keep us separated and confused

Before this reset all continents enjoyed perfect weather and were teeming with life

Now they are attempting another reset
But this one is of a more clandestine nature
One where they are not overtly causing the suffering

Our universe is an octave of dimensions
What happens in one realm affects other realms
There are probably agreements in place which restrict what the reptilians can do

And besides they are now walking around everywhere in human form
Pretending to be human!