Nostradamus predicted a 72 hour period of darkness
For the year 2022
Presumably based on astrology

In the movie EMP 333
The cause of the blackout is an electromagnetic pulse
All electronic equipment ceases to work

Cars will not start unless you have a model from the 70’s or earlier
That does not have an electronic ignition

Operation Event Horizon is a military training drill
In which the dark fate of 2022
Will cause banks to close
Resulting in an economic meltdown

Gold and silver will become the new exchange currency
Cryptocurrency will become more common as the world recovers

During a military exercise called Dark Winter
There is a smallpox outbreak
And the world is filled with cadavers

The climate becomes very cold
And the USA is divided into 10 FEMA regions

A new Pope will arise
One that is seen to be chosen by God
Because of some miraculous way he withstood
The 3 days of darkness

On October 25 there will be another fake solar eclipse
Could this be the time when the sun simulator
Along with alien technology

Redirects and covers the flow of the solar drift current
Creating 3 days of darkness

Our skies have already been manipulated by advanced technology

We are now in a period of massive solar wave ascension frequencies

Is this the agenda of counteracting our ascension
By darkening the sun and spraying smallpox on us

This is a very critical time in human history

Because of the Azurite and Opalene plasma waves
The manifestation of our imagination will happen very quickly

We can shift the timeline like harmonic strings
And reestablish the pre fall template

The blue crystalline plasma waves
Gives us the ability to produce immediate synchronistic manifestations

The frequency spectrum has been raised
And now we must raise our frequency spectrum!