At the end of the movie
2001 A Space Odyssey

The monolith which looks exactly like
The one found in the Utah desert

Is seen floating around Jupiter
And then in a planetary alignment

Then there is a whole dramatic scene
Of star gate patterns
With a big green splash

Then there are celestial diamonds and oxyhedrons
Each with their own star gate pattern

Then a geometric design
And a sequence of flipped planetary landscapes

Then the astronaut Dr. David Bowmen
Finds himself in a new reality

The monolith reappears
And Bowmen reaches out to touch it

The monolith becomes a doorway out
Bowmen is then reborn
As an enlightened baby

Does the planting of the monolith in the Utah desert
Signify the rebirth of the human race
Through genetic manipulation

Or will we stay comfortably numb
In our fake world