Red Sprites are high altitude lightning
They fall from the dome
And flicker in the night sky

The dome is an artificially created frequency fence

The firmament is above the dome
It is where the stars are embedded in ionized plasma
Stars have consciousness

In 2014 a rocket called the Go Fast Rocket
Went up and hit the dome at 73 miles above

We live in an enclosed system
In a crater within an ice wall below a dome shaped frequency fence

In 1946 Operation High Jump
Was to infiltrate a Nazi outpost in Antarctica
But first they had to get over the ice wall
That is how it got its name

In 1962 was Operation Fish Bowl
The official story is that nuclear weapons were tested
But the truth is they tried to blast through the dome

Stars emit electrical energy
Which effects the frequency of each realm of our universe

The zodiacal constellation alignments
As well as planetary positions
Magnetically imprints us at birth
Which influences our personality

In order to absorb plasma light
We have to upgrade our base atomic structure
And shift our values

AI wants to replace all living creatures with technology
And connect all human beings into the hive mind

Humans are supposed to be compassionate caring and sympathetic
To show human decency

We are not meant to have our emotions turned off
And have a hired gun man mentality

We are not meant to kill other beings
And have our conscience taken away

A true human does not hunt or trap
Or treat animals as objects and commodity on farms

A soulful human does not support industries who do

We have been psychologically modified
And this enables people to act with indifference

We are like basic training conditioned soldiers
Who will pull the trigger when they are told
And not feel guilty about what they are doing

Until we change our values
We will not find our place in the universe!