Artificial Intelligence
From the study of human behavior
On the internet

Has designed the details
Of this big fraud

Only mild flu like symptoms
Will appear for a few days
After one takes the vaccine

The nano particles called quantum dots
Will lie dormant
Until activated by the 5G signal

Luciferase or Lucifer Rays
Embedded in the quantum dots
Will then become luminous
In the near infrared wavelength

For convenience
Most people will choose
To put the patch band aid
On their forehead
As that is more easily scanned
And their hands are usually carrying something

After the electromagnetic signal from 5G
Has been turned up

The Mark of the Beast
Will show up under radioactivity

And people will be relieved
That they are no longer in lockdown

That they can go back to work
Or go back to school
Or go to the grocery store
Or board a commuter train
Or an airplane

Because they are hooked up to the Blockchain
Which is the infrastructure
Of the new cryptocurrency