Genetics and the sequencing of human genes
Reveal the intimate details of our consciousness and history

The type of DNA sequence a human has determines
Their level of consciousness
And their ability to access higher levels

DNA is a natural bio spiritual internet
And it holds dimensional keys

When genomic companies offer ancestry information
For the use of ones DNA catalogue
It is to gain control over our consciousness energy

These companies partner with biotech firms and pharmaceutical corporations
Who develop the information

The information is monetized by digital currency companies
Who sell it to data buyers via cryptocurrency

It is then sold to off world entities
The profits are immense
In the billions of dollars

When human energy is controlled
Absolute power is given to those who harness it
Who enforce a slave mentality
By making humans unable to access their spiritual power

This institutionalizes the death culture and the predator mind
Unplugging us from the Law of One
And makes abuse of power a normalized way of life

This reptilian virus has us behave in accordance
With low standards of morality
In order to continually suck us dry

Keeping themselves out of sight
And keeping the earth inhabitants
Unaware that they have been invaded
And that a silent war is being carried out against them

Only allowing the indoctrinated power elite
To know the details of what is really happening

A perfect master slave narrative

As long as the common person is willing to enforce
Similar types of oppression upon their human brethren
And upon the animal kingdom

And the extent to which
There is an inability to find compassion

The enslaved mind will continue!