At some point it will be mandatory
To take the vaccine
If one wishes to be employed

Nurses are being pressured hard to take it
But most resist
As they see first hand the effects

Soon one will not be able to board an airplane
Or walk into a store

Without proof of documentation
That you have tested negative

Later the internet will be shut down
And only accessible by the biometric

Mark of the Beast

Which will be a biometric surveillance control system
That detects infrared signals
From your newly acquired photo luminescent Luciferian Rays

And will also keep track of your
Covid testing and vaccinations

Along with your medical records
And social credit score

Plus it will give a person a digital ID
With access to digital banking

It will also
Give you new mammalian DNA

Make your body produce new designer proteins

Introduce new antibodies

Cause your autonomic nervous system
Which controls the motor functions
Of your organs lungs intestines glands
Muscles blood vessels lymph vessels etc
To not work properly or shut down

Cause a cytokine storm
Of your overwhelmed immune system

Give you migraines and brain fog
A drop in blood pressure

Need I say more!