Beyonce calls her fans The Beyhive
Her slang for Beehive which is where souls are trapped
In the realm beyond

The realm beyond is the 5th dimension
The middle ground between light and shadow
As vast as space and timeless as infinity
And it lies between the pit of our fears and the summit of our knowledge

Beyonce is a lizard walking around in human skin
An Altarian like Kim Kardashian

99 percent of people choose the blue pill
They choose to be asleep
Even if that chose was only at a subconscious level

Denial is the most predictable of human responses

When large crowds under mind control
Gather together at concerts festivals churches and political rallies
The energy lumped together from each person
Looks like a field of cornstalks
Hence the name The Children of the Corn

Entities become like locusts devouring the crop of soul energy
And the consciousness which the GMO corn has created

They are like crop circles which reveal a manifold symbol
That draws entities from above

The Beatles referred to these corn fields as strawberry fields
Symbolizing a mass sacrifice of mind controlled crowds
To the locust entities

Strawberry fields where nothing is real and nothing to get hung about
Where living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see

The Beatles were members of elite families

In the movie Orphan Black
Sarah witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks just like her
She assumes the deceased identity
And unlocks a world of secret cloning experiments

Our realm is being turned into a lockdown high tech prison
Where a reduced and demoralized population
Is completely under the tight fisted rule of elitists

Brainwashing people into celebrating their loss of freedom
And loving servitude!