In 1842 the word Dinosauria was coined by Sir Richard Owen who was the superintendent of the National History Museum in London. This was done because paleontologists wanted to show proof of the new theory of evolution.
But the public was still unconvinced.
Then in 1854 Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden announced the discovery of teeth which he said he found by the upper Missouri River in Montana which belonged to ancient giant quadrupeds.
Soon afterwards Joseph Leidy affirmed the findings saying they were from an actual prehistoric giant beast that he called Tracedon (meaning rough tooth).
And the dinosaur business was off to the races.
The big questions are:
Why hadn’t anyone throughout history up to that time discovered dinosaur remains? Why is it only people with a vested interest finding these ancient fossils?
Why aren’t any modern construction or mining personnel with bulldozers or any everyday people digging a well or plowing their field finding dinosaur bones?
Why is it only certain people that stand to gain who know just right where to look able to find dinosaur fossils with a little shovel?
And why don’t they ever show the bones to the public?
In the late 1800’s two people Edward Cope and Othniel Marsh claimed to have discovered a total of 136 dinosaur species between them.
No complete forms were found and the bones examined turned out to be fakes.
But 30 of then were promoted as authentic and ‘reconstructions’ for museums were started.
People were fascinated and a demand was established.
At first the dinosaur business was mostly a desire by evolutionists to prove their theory.
They needed transitional forms to fill the evolutionary gaps and to show that sea dwelling animals evolved into land dwellers and that reptiles became birds and mammals.
But when people started flocking in to see their fictional fabrications it became big business!
Now over 60 museums in the USA alone have dinosaur exhibitions.
They draw in many people and they make a lot of money.
But the displays do not have one dinosaur bone in them.
They are created by a company in Sichuan Province in NE China called Zigong City Ocean Art.
They take the skeletons of dogs, cats, chickens. pigs etc. and grind them up and then glue them together into ‘dinosaur bones’. They then fasten the bones together into skeletons according to the request of the museum who placed the order.
Many of these ‘re-creations’ are totally unrealistic.
Books have been written trying to explain how these heavy creatures could actually walk.
Many will say that they had to walk in water.
The body of the T-Rex is completely out of balance and such a creature would not be able to stand due to the bending over of it’s massive upper body weight.
The actual bones of dinosaurs are said to be hidden away in the museum basements inside ‘thick vaults’ and only ‘high credential’ paleontologists can study them.
The fact is that no dinosaur fossils or bones have ever been discovered.
Bird fossils now are being publicized as dinosaurs and so they are saying many dinosaurs had feathers.
Discoveries announced in the news never show a fossil just an artists rendering.
Now they say that they don’t even need dinosaur bones.
They claim that just from a minute fossil segment inside a rock that they can instantly tell what dinosaur it is from and that it is 75 million years old or whatever.
Dinosaurs are false, evolution is false and the whole geologic time scale is false.
The scam is very lucrative and dinosaur parks are popping up everywhere.
But you have to have an official ‘dinosaur hunting license’ to dig at these places which of course only an ‘expert in the field’ can acquire.
For a fee though you can go and look at the fake bones they have planted in the ground.
What about the dinosaur tracks that are in these parks?
Many of these tracks do not have proper spacing and are referred to as ‘injured dinosaurs’.
And they all seem to have the same three toed prints as if ‘that is the way you’re supposed to make them’.
The claim is that these are made by an allosaurus.
Sometimes though they throw in round holes which they claim are brontosaurus tracks.
And sometimes they have parallel tracks with one of each of them as if the brontosaurus and the ‘meat eating allosaurus’ are good friends.
One of these dinosaur parks located in the Canyonlands of Colorado just happen to suddenly find 90 new trackways of dinosaurs in 2012.
They also say they have located the remains of many brontosaurus dinosaurs.
But they are keeping them away from public viewing for the time being and are only accessible to ‘professional experts’.
I wonder if they have placed an order to Ocean Art.
What about the dinosaur eggs?
These ‘eggs’ are indistinguishable from ordinary round stones.
What about the petroglyphs that seem to display dinosaur looking creatures?
Paleontologists will claim that they were drawn by ancient tribesman who stumbled across the skeletal remains.
Creationists will attempt to claim this is proof of human and dinosaurs coexisting at a recent time.
If dinosaurs really existed and humans were around at the same time to draw them then they should be prevalent in the drawings of ancient art and fill the pages of early literature.
There should be countless, unambiguous renderings and descriptions of these large creatures.
Instead there are just a few hard to find questionable examples.
One is the stegosaurus on the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
Many of these bas reliefs and medalions of animals on the temple walls have decorative embellishments on them.
The drawings there of birds have these same plates over them as the one proclaimed to be a stegosaurus.
So it is not a stegosaurus at all.
A couple other questionable examples are the dinosaur figurines of Acambaro Mexico and the Ica Stone artwork from the Ica Province in Peru.
The Acambaro figurines and the Ica Stones are both admitted fakes and show no signs of age.
But just like the dinosaur bones after they were shown to be fakes, people with an agenda push the idea that some are legitimate.
What about the sperm whales who have vestiges of legs when they are born?
Many people jump to the conclusion that this is proof of evolution.
But according to that theory land animals are supposed have come from the sea not vice versa.
There were formerly bigger varieties of the species of animals which exist today.
For example mammoths and mastodons are a bigger kind of elephant.
Skeletons of them have been found and are in museums.
And the bones of these large elephants have been known for a long time.
People in Siberia have practiced their trade which extends back hundreds of years using woolly mammoth bones.
There were smaller species of elephants, as well as larger and smaller types of horses, rhinosaurus, tigers, bears, camels, sloths etc.
But they are claiming now that they have found dinosaurs that were 25 times as big as the modern elephant.
And that there are hundreds of different types of dinosaurs.
540 was the latest count but they assure us there are many more yet to be discovered.
And that they were all killed by a giant asteroid.
Never mind the fact that the biggest asteroid found on record is only 9 feet long.
But the absurdity goes on!
They say that all these dead dinosaurs lying around created petroleum and oil. Fossil fuels.
This is all a pseudo reality that at a young age, students are indoctrinated into and most all of them will never question it.
People want to hold on to this belief.
They love the idea of dinosaurs because it triggers their imagination.
But it is all underhanded shenanigans.
An elaborate fantasy and a big hoax!