We are batteries
We recharge by drawing in electromagnetic energy from the earth

Electromagnetic ley lines are used by dark forces
To travel the earth

They now also can travel from cell phone tower to cell phone tower
And then directly into your cell phone

They use technology as conduits
Which has been purposely created in a way
To give them an advanced type of control over us

Android and Apple iPhone have the logo of an alien or demon
Emerging from a black mirror
Which is your cell phone

Cell phones are used by them to gain access to you

Most of the time we obey them without the slightest clue
We have become their instruments for energy extraction

They hypnotize us into using drugs and narcotics which make us weak and vulnerable
They manipulate us into becoming extremely angry or extremely negative

A meth user’s life will be centered around getting their next fix
Friends and family will not be important anymore
Unless they can be used as a way to get money

The meth user will be led far from their true path

Most everything we are taught in school in church or in the media is a lie

Our civilization is built upon the ruins of more advanced ones
The Roman Empire did not exist

When we believe in something we give it energy

History is important because that tells us where we came from
And who we are

We live in many dimensions of consciousness fields
That are energetic realities of unity

Our original divine design and blueprint
Which is a crystal body of a platinum color containing frequency codes
Has been hijacked

Our logos has been usurped
Minimizing our human potential

We are on the verge of frenzy
As the mask of sanity slips

Politicians are actors
Pop stars are not human
And their fans have low coping skills!