The Great Pyramid of Giza was a harmonic resonator
The inner chambers were a stargate
An interdimensional portal system

One could also time travel

A portal to access the inner earth system
Was under the Sphinx

It had a protective force field
Which was imploded by directing scalar based weapons
To specific areas of the earth grid system
Splitting it into bi wave frequencies

EMP weapons were also deployed in coordinated airstrikes
Against Sumaria and the cities of the Dead Sea

Similar to what recently happened in Northern California

Sodom and Gomorrah as well as Elam Shinar Ellasar Goiim
Admah Zeboiim Bela and Chedorlaomer were incinerated
And the population burned alive

These cities can be located
And extreme melting can be seen

If tar and sulphur or fire and brimstone were the agents of destruction
There would have been a more of an encasing effect
And many buildings would have been preserved

The Grail keepers that were genetically coded to the Temple Mount
Were then targeted

All this happened much more recently than current models would want you to believe

Illuminati hybrids became the instruments for enacting the blueprint
Of the New world Order
Which is a consciousness subjection and enslavement agenda

They were sent to North America
Because it has the ley lines that support the consciousness network
And the Sarasota stargate

The United States became the primary world power
And the epicenter for covert intelligence operations

They have been preparing for the final world conflict
To coincide with the pinnacle of the ascension cycle
Which is happening now
And up to 2024!