After the reset of 1811 – 1817
There was a big attempt to cover up the existence of the Tartarians

They were deleted from textbooks and history
Many of their grand edifices have been destroyed

There was also an endeavor to bury the buildings by heating the ground
This is the so called mud flood

The Greys who are the creation of the Reptilians
Used sound technology which produced liquification
But failed miserably in their attempt to sink history

Peaceful Tartarians still live in the lands beyond the Ice Wall
And beyond the Dome which encircles the Ice Wall

The warmongers and their human slaves were domed

The Ice Wall is melting
The Dome is thinning

The colors we see in the sky
The greens and reds
Are the result of weakening frequencies of the Dome

We will see it all very soon
In the Great Awakening
We will be forced to wake up

When the Dome disintegrates
In roughly March of 2023!