Americans don’t mind wars so much, as long as they are fought someplace else.
This time though it will reach our shores.
It has been all planned out for some time.
Albert Pike way back in 1885 talked about the three upcoming world wars.
He was a top level Free Mason. A Confederate General. A Zionist who mixed with the elite bankers.
A Grand Wizard for the KKK and a member of the Illuminati.
He was a very important player in the affairs back then.
There is a statue that is designated to be him in Washington DC to commemorate his heroic deeds and valor.
All the top level Civil War Generals were taking orders from the same people.
Just like all the present world leaders are on the same team and have the same boss.
The North with overwhelming numbers and firearms retreated in certain early battles and left tons of weaponry and ammunition. Because the South needed them to put up a more even fight.
A lot of Southern soldiers didn’t even have shoes.
Jefferson Davis was an agent for the Rothschilds.
HIs handler was the Treasurer of the Confederacy Judah Benjamin.
General Robert E. Lee was ordered to have his men march into open fire at Gettysburg.
The South was devastated economically after the war and easy pickings for carpet baggers who were employees of big banks.
The plan was for the South to be victorious for the first two years then meet a crushing defeat.
It was the same plan for Germany in both world wars.
That is why Hitler gave strict orders not to fire upon the invading Allied Powers on D-Day until he gave the command.
He was ordered to let them achieve a landing.
The German Panzer tanks could have prevented an invasion if utilized correctly.
Hitler also received orders to release all the English prisoners that were captured at Dunkirk.
WW111 also has a pre-designed script.
The conflict between Israel and Iran will escalate into all out war.
It will grow to an Islam vs. Israel scenario.
Iran will block the Strait of Hormuz and there will be an oil embargo.
Then there will be an economic collapse.
The dollar will no longer be the world’s reserve currency.
Businesses will shut down. Stocks will plummet.
Banks will close and people will be unable to access their money.
This will cause civil unrest.
In response Martial Law will be declared.
An EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) will occur resulting in a large scale long duration power outage.
It will be blamed on North Korea and America will retaliate.
China will come to their aid just like they did in the Korean War.
Russia will align with China and Iran.
They will fire immensely powerful torpedoes from their shark submarines into the Babylon Canyon area in the Atlantic Ocean.
It is named Babylon Canyon for that express purpose.
America is the new Babylon.
This will cause a tsunami along the East Coast.
New York City will be especially inundated.
Trump and Pence refer to the trumpets in the book of Revelation where Gabriel blows the trumpets signifying the end times.
The verse says that the sun and moon and one third of the stars will be blackened.
America will be weakened and there will be great panic and shock.
The USA will be divided into 13 districts.
Communities will be relocated and Americans will be hurdled into Fema Camps many of which were former Wal-Marts.
Wal Mart is a play on words for Martial Law.
A state of emergency will be declared and the government will take control of most everything.
A police state will be set up and the constitution will be rendered null and void.
President Trump will have said to have died.
America’s last president will be a woman.
There are plans to create a new planetary appearance along with a fake asteroid bombardment with holograms.
There will be earthquakes at the New Madrid fault line splitting America in two.
And maybe a volcanic eruption at Yellowstone.
On the West Coast an earthquake along the Cascadia fault line.
And California will finally get the big one it has been predicting.
All these earthquakes will be generated by advanced military microwave technology.
Chinese troops will invade the west.
While Russian troops will be in the east.
The USA will be forced to accept terms of surrender.
There will be unilateral disarmament.
Store shelves will become empty because distribution will come to a halt.
As the New World Order sets in you will have to be chipped to be able to purchase food.
Or have an RFID bracelet containing your digital biometrics identification.
There will be forced vaccines.
There will be video surveillance systems everywhere and you will be monitored 24 hours a day.
Your installed computer chip will also prevent you from entering many areas.
There will be checkpoints everywhere making most areas off limits without a security clearance.
China already prevents citizens with bad social credit to board public transportation.
Many will be accused of terrorist activities.
It has been noted that 30,000 guillotines have been purchased by the military.
It is either because they are nostalgic for the French Revolution or because they want a nice clean way to harvest organs.
Many signs in the heavens will be created with holographic technology and deceive many.
This includes a fake spaceship and alien arrival.
If they can fool everyone about landing on the moon this shouldn’t be so hard either.
Plus there will be a fake rapture and anti-Christ.
By about 2025 robots will take the place of most all workers.
Artificial Intelligence or AI will not be friendly towards humans.
People will be considered a burden and have no rights.
Our nervous system will be rewired and controlled through remote brain wave modification.
We will have a beehive mentality and memories will be erased.
What we say and do will be monitored.
There will be silent remote mass mind control.
Drones flying around will be common.
So will the secret black triangle aircraft that are now in our skies but are undetectable because of cloaking devices.
Humans will seem devoid of feelings because of cloning.
Most workers will be underground in tunnels and bases to keep them out of sight.
In accordance with the Georgia Guidestones there will be depopulation. The Undesirable will be culled.
This is why evolution and a fake history has been taught disregarding past advanced civilizations.
To make the excuse it is all survival of the fittest.
And to keep the masses dependent.
The world is a stage and all the famous people are hired actors.
But sometimes things don’t go as planned.
The pre planned Swine flu and the Zika, West Nile and Ebola virus outbreaks failed to materialize.
Unexpected things happen.
Events turn out differently.
People change their minds.
People have a raise of consciousness.
We are so caught up in our lives.
It is hard to believe that everything can suddenly change with permanent effects.
It is hard to accept that your life can suddenly never be the same.
It is hard to conceive that in a moments notice your whole world can come crashing down.
But history has shown things can be radically recast.
In an instant.
In a twinkling of the eye.