Americans don’t mind wars so much, as long as they are fought someplace else. This time though it will reach our shores. And we will be the loser for a change.
How do I know? Because it’s all planned out and has been for some time.
Albert Pike way back in 1885 talked about the three upcoming world wars. Who was Albert Pike you might ask? He was a top level Free Mason. A Confederate General. A Zionist who mixed with the elite bankers. A Grand Wizard for the KKK. A member of the Illuminati. He was a very important player in the affairs back then. They have a statue of him in Washington DC to commemorate his ‘heroic’ deeds.
Yes even the Civil War was fixed. The North with overwhelming numbers and firearms retreated in certain early battles and left tons of weaponry and ammunition because the South needed them to put up a more even fight. A lot of southern soldiers didn’t even have shoes. But the plan was for the North to win and for the South to be devastated economically after the war and easy pickings for carpet baggers who were employees of the banks. Do you think General Robert E. Lee would have his men march right into open fire time and again with no chance of winning at Gettysburg if he wasn’t ordered to do that? Any 5 year old would have realized that was stupid. Afterwards his men lost respect for him and a large number deserted.
The Rothschild banks financed Jefferson Davis. And to make sure he didn’t step out of line they installed Judah Benjamin as his handler.
Zionist banks also financed Germany in the first two world wars. As the plan was for the South to be victorious for the first two years then meet a crushing defeat it was the same plan for Germany in both world wars. That is why Hitler gave strict orders not to fire upon the invading Allied Powers on D-Day until he gave the command. He was ordered to let them achieve a landing. The German Panzer tanks could have prevented an invasion if utilized correctly.
And now all of America will be treated as the South was and as Germany was because very rich and powerful people want the land. It is Agenda 21 on a massive scale.
The Hopi prophesized of the end times when cobwebs would be spun in the sky. The cobwebs are of course chemtrails. Also called geo engineering. Tropospheric aerosol spraying. Solar radiation management. Albedo modification. All done under the guise of stopping global warming. Which by the way has nothing to do with Co2 emissions. We are being sprayed like we dose insects. The joke is on us. But there are different reasons for filling the sky with chemicals.
Besides chemtrails, self replicating nano particles are being sprayed which get inside of us and are able to interact with computer generated systems.
Many of the over 200,000 cell phone towers in the USA are fitted with high energy microwave technology capable of radiating everyone within many miles. 5G technology which is in the process of being implemented will cause cancer rates to soar.
A sun simulator is now being used for clandestine purposes.
The best example as to how events are controlled is 911 which was the precursor to the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and has set the stage for WW3. The story goes that terrorists snuck their way onto planes threatening military trained pilots with eating utensils causing them to run to the back of the plane in panic and to be consoled by the flight attendants. These wild Muslim extremists somehow knew exactly how to fly 757’s and 767’s without any prior experience and maneuver them in impossible turns and at impossible low altitudes at impossible speeds. All this time the military was ordered not to respond and these ‘radical Muslims’ were somehow able to fly straight towards the World Trade Towers 1 and 2 and the aluminum aircraft was able to fly right into the steel and concrete reinforced buildings penetrating them and then vaporizing. Building number 7 was supposed to have fallen from the vibration of the other falling towers even though it fell much later and there were other buildings closer. Logic dictates the fall of the buildings was from controlled demolition and the official story is totally bogus.
As this was happening our ex President George Bush was at Booker Elementary School in Georgia listening to the reading of I, Pet Goat which is a children’s story but with much hidden symbolism of this first attack on America. I, Pet Goat 2 which came out in 2012 is another story filled with hidden symbolism but this time it deals with the second and final attack on New York City and America.
The Illuminati loves symbolic representation. These were the Knights Templars and are the Jesuits and the top level Free Masons. They are the ones who control the major banks and the currencies and use their power to put their own puppets as the leaders of countries and as generals of the militaries. They also own the media which includes Hollywood. They put a lot of clues in movies and TV shows about the future events they have planned.
They also control the world’s religions. The top evangelists and gurus are all fakes.
Many countries will be involved in WW3.
According to the pre-designed script the conflict between Israel and Iran will escalate into all out war. Israel will bomb a mosque and it will grow to an Islam vs. Israel scenario.
Tensions between the USA and Russia will grow because of Syria. America will not only burn cities to a crisp which includes children out walking their dogs but they will target Russians also.
The USA though will experience a pre-planned economic collapse.
The dollar will no longer be the world’s reserve currency and we will move towards a cashless society.
Businesses will shut down. Stocks will plummet.
There will be civil unrest and then Martial Law.
What will initiate a major escalation of war will be an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse).
This will result in a large scale long duration power outage. It will destroy communications and computer systems. Home appliances will not work. Water will have to be taken from lakes and streams. Automobiles will be rendered non functional.
The EMP will be blamed on North Korea. We will attack them and cause their country massive damage.
China will come to their aid just like they did in the Korean War.
Russia will align with China and Iran and will fire immensely powerful torpedoes from their shark submarines into the Babylon Canyon area in the Atlantic Ocean.
It is named Babylon Canyon for that express purpose. America is the new Babylon.
This will cause a tsunami along the East Coast.
New York City will be especially devastated.
Keep in mind that all the leaders of these aforementioned countries are actually on the ‘same team’ and are doing what they are told.
Just like President Trump these other leaders are just shills, front men and yes men. They are figureheads and puppets who get orders from above. Presidential elections are rigged also.
Trump is not even his real name. Trump and Pence is a play on words for trumpets which will sound out during their tenure in office. The trumpets refer to the book of Revelation when Gabriel blows the trumpet signifying the end times and the sun and moon and 1/3 of the stars will be blackened.
America will be weakened. There will be great panic and shock. The USA will be divided into 13 districts. Communities will be relocated and Americans will be hurdled into Fema Camps. Many which are former Wal Marts. Wal Mart is a play on words for Martial Law.
A state of emergency will be declared and the government will take control of most everything. A police state will be set up and the constitution will be rendered null and void.
President Trump will have said to have died. America’s last president will be a woman.
There will be a new planetary appearance along with a fake asteroid bombardment.
There will be earthquakes at the New Madrid fault splitting America in two. And at Yellowstone. And on the West Coast at the Cascadia fault line. California will finally get the big one it has been predicting.
All these earthquakes will be generated by advanced military microwave technology.
America will fight back but it will be fighting a losing battle.
Chinese troops will invade the west. While Russian troops will be in the east.
The USA will be forced to accept terms of surrender. There will be unilateral disarmament.
Since 95% of our food supply is trucked in, store shelves will be empty.
Food will be scarce and cannibalism will take place.
To purchase food you will have to be chipped or have an RFID bracelet containing your digital biometrics identification.
There will be forced vaccines.
There will be video surveillance systems everywhere and you will be monitored 24 hours a day. Your installed computer chip will also prevent you from entering many areas.
There will be checkpoints everywhere making most areas off limits without a security clearance. China already prevents citizens with ‘bad social credit’ to board public transportation.
Many will be accused of terrorist activities.
It has been noted that 30,000 guillotines have been purchased by the military. It is either because they are nostalgic for the French Revolution or because they want a nice clean way to harvest organs.
Many signs in the heavens will be created with holographic technology and deceive many.
This includes a fake spaceship and alien arrival.
If they can fool everyone about landing on the moon this shouldn’t be so hard either.
Plus there will be a fake rapture and anti-Christ.
By about 2025 robots will take the place of most all workers. Artificial Intelligence or AI will not be friendly towards humans. People will be considered a burden and have no rights. Our nervous system will be rewired and controlled through remote brain wave modification and we will have a beehive mentality. Memories will be erased. And what we say and do will be monitored.
There will be silent remote mass mind control.
Drones flying around will be common along with the secret black triangle aircraft that are now in our skies using cloaking devices.
Humans will seem devoid of feelings because of cloning.
Most workers will be underground in tunnels and bases to keep them out of sight.
In accordance with the Georgia Guidestones there will be depopulation. The Undesirable will be culled. The old, weak or unsightly will be terminated.
This is why evolution and a fake history has been taught disregarding past advanced civilizations. To make the excuse it is all survival of the fittest. And to keep the masses dependent.
The world is a stage and all the famous people are hired actors.
But sometimes things don’t go as planned. The pre planned Swine flu and the Zika, West Nile and Ebola virus outbreaks failed to materialize.
It is hard to accept that everything can suddenly change with permanent effects.
Prepare yourself for an October Surprise!