Where do stories of humans doing impossible feats originate? They have their inceptions in the sky when all over the world  different cultures gazed with fascination upon the exploits of the planets. These cosmic bodies at close distance were looked upon as gods interacting with each other and were given human characteristics. But as the former epoch came to a close and a new more orderly system prevailed these stories were relegated to the annals of myth and religion.
As explained by Ev Cochrane who in my opinion is the foremost authority on ancient myth, the story of Samson can be paralleled with many other hero/gods. Heracles like Samson was renowned for a hair cut which weakened him. Heracles overcame the Nemean lion without any weapons – Samson tore apart a lion with his bare hands. As Samson was betrayed by Delilah – Heracles was brought down by a woman.  As Heracles burst his shackles in the presence of Pharoah – Samson cast off his chains as if they were waxen flax. As Samson grinded at the mill like a slave – Heracles operated a spinning wheel as a slave to Omphale.
After Samson got thirsty after slaughtering 1000 Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey, God caused a spring to burst forth out of a rock. Heracles at Thermopylae needed refreshing too so Athena caused a sacred spring to open. Heracles is now the patron god of hot springs. He also spent time in a dragons belly – the story of Jonah in a whale’s stomach has the same origin. A remarkable parallel to the pillars of Heracles is the enormous Gates of Gaza which Samson carried off. Built with huge monoliths the upper part of the wall rested upon them. There were terrestrial gates at Gaza. But there were also the Gates of Heaven which were also called the Gates of Gaza and is what the Samson myth refers to.
The Norse God Hoder renowned for his tremendous strength was blind – Samson was blinded by the Philistines. Hoder killed his brother Baldr who was good, handsome and wise. Reminiscent of Cain slewing Abel.
Hoder was also a judge. As was Samson even though none of his judgements have been recorded. Gilgamesh was a judge. So was Nergal and Apollo. Mars was the Star of Judgement.
Samson was known for his uncontrollable anger. Like Samson – Nergal, Ares and Indra were all frenzied fighters indiscriminately killing friend and foe. The Celtic Cuchalainn which means The Blind was renown for his furor compelling him to do exrtraordinary feats of valor and strength. He became a terrible many colored giant. The Talmud describes Samson as 90 feet tall.
Reseph the God of War and Pestilence is identified with Nergal in Ugaritic texts. Nergal was the gate-keeper of the sun. Mars was positioned in front of the former sun Saturn. Apollo the gate-keeper of Olympus was also considered to be the same God as Reseph. Images of Apollo were placed at the gates of Greek cities.
Mythical gates and pillars were the same as the Twin Peaks of the Mountain of Mars or the twin-peaked Mountain of Mashu where Gilgamesh arrived. They were identical to the Upraised Arms of Gods like the Egyptian God Shu who supported heaven on his shoulders. They are the same as the Palatial Beams which Samson was tied to and which the Japanese Mars God Susanowo brought down. These symbolisms were attempts to explain the adventures of the Gods which were planets interacting with one another as charged bodies in conductive plasma would behave.