The exploits of great men or heroes doing superhuman feats under divine guidance have their roots in the starry heavens when planets  hovering in close proximity to the Earth dominated the sky and acted in accordance to the laws of electrical interactions in plasma. The planets were a continual source of wonderment as well as fear and anxiety for millennia until the myth making epoch came to an end. These gods were then regulated to men with miraculous powers and herculean capabilities.

Moses is no exception. He went up Mt. Sinai (originally the heavenly mountain) to the creator god Elohim which he called Jehovah (Saturn).  The Burning Bush was Venus in front of Saturn. The planet Mars moved up the Mt. of Congregation in the northern sky above to the Assembly of God. Also called the Divine Assembly, the Abode of the Gods or the Great Council in Native American lore.

The great gods (planets) lived on top of this holy mountain which is described in every cultures’ myth. Mt. Olympus and Mt. Meru are two of the most famous ones. This was a celestial mountain consisting of ionized plasma that flowed from Saturn down to Earth. After the break-up of the configuration of planets, the holy celestial mountain became localized to earthly mountains.

The serpents on the tree of life were intertwining helical currents. Moses’ rod that was turned into snakes was also this stream of plasma glowing  in arc mode.  Also called a cosmic rope or world pillar or mountain, it was described as a pure white light and was referred to as The Milky Way, the Ladder to Heaven or the Column of Shu in Egyptian tradition. It was looked upon as a support for heaven. It was the same as what Jack (Mars) climbed up in Jack and the Beanstalk. Now reduced to a fairy tale.

Venus emanated Saturn. It sent out streamers and was the archetype for the cosmic wheel and the swastika which are both holy symbols in many cultures.  She also was the heart or eye of the Father. And was the great Queen of Heaven in Old Testament fame. Venus was also many times believed to be a wife or sister or consort or lover. But she could also cause widespread destruction and was the Great Comet that turned herself into a Witch.

Atlas steals the Golden apples of Zeus (Saturn) and Hercules returns them to Athena (Venus) in the Garden in the North (Garden of Eden or Eve). This is Mars being seen as confiscating the golden apples (plasmoids) on this electrical cosmic ray or tree of life.  Some cultures want to blame the female (Venus).

Moses as well as the many cultural Mars gods were seen as lawgivers. Did God send a lawgiver to every country?  Manu the Hindu Lawgiver built a boat to escape a flood and rested on a mountaintop. Noah is a Martian god also. The great number of myths that have arks or boats surviving a great flood is amazing. The arc was a reflection from the new sun which created a revolving crescent upon the face of Saturn due to its’ position behind the Earth. This is attested to from the many rock petroglyphs all over the world showing an arc or crescent in all four directions around a central orb.

Earth is bigger than Mars and processes a stronger electromagnetic field. Water on Mars that was absorbed into this Axis Mundi and was electrically pulled toward Earth. Water molecules are electric dipoles. And at various times this flowing electrical current would weaken and even cease and the water in the plasma stream would descend down to Earth.  Mars has no water nor life now because of the electrical interactions with other planets.

Mars was seen to have the power of the Father. He was seen as a hero and a messenger from God. He was also believed to be God’s first born who died and was resurrected. Odin (Mars) hung on a windy tree for 9 long nights pierced by a spear. This piercing so prevalent in myth and religion is the Scar on Mars and was created from an interplanetary electrical discharge. It is the Valles Marineris which runs for 4000 kilometers across the equator of Mars. It is 8 times bigger than the Grand Canyon which also was created by a mega lightning bolt. This gash on Mars could be seen by the ancient people. Scarface of Native American lore is a prime example.

At the upmost ascent Mars was the Apple of the Eye of the Heavenly Father. Mars in front of Venus in front of Saturn. The Holy Trinity.  And when he came back down as a bright healthy new born son it was a cause of great excitement. Many tribal people today have festivals of their god descending down to Earth. Many prophecies are about the Great Red Star returning announcing the end of the age.

Mars’ descent created widespread effects and being the bringer of plagues and disease is a widespread cultural motif. The heat generated would cause insects and rodents to reproduce at very fast rate. The story of the Exodus has at it’s roots the story of Mars’ destructive effects at it’s closest approach. The Pillar of Fire by night and Pillar of Cloud by day theme was this electrically charged and bright current of plasma described in so many ways.

Moses had a famous brother Aaron. The myths of twin gods or close brothers are abundant. Cain and Able, Apollo and Artemis, Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Castor and Pollux , Indra and Agni etc. This is because Mars had a companion planet. And being charged bodies they interacted electrically.  These exchanges and movements of the planets at close quarters were anthropomorphized and the gods were eventually put into stories as great humans. Taken literally these stories make no sense! The common archetypes or themes illustrated in myths, legends, fairy tales, and religion around the world have as their origin the theatre of the sky.

Moses being a young babe that was cast into the Nile amongst the reeds being rescued by temple princesses is Mars traveling up the Axis of the World resting in the divine lap of Mary (Venus). Osiris (Mars) was also cast into the Nile by Set (Venus) putting him in a chest in order to protect him. Many other versions exist of how a Mother tried to hide her child. Such as Aditi hiding Indra. It is a common mythical theme. Now smaller because of the farther distance, Mars was seen as an infant. Traveling back down towards Earth, he was also pictured as a dwarf that became a giant.

Moses parting the Red Sea was Mars  amidst the celestial ocean of Saturn. Moses’ serpentine staff or rod is this celestial cosmic ray with intertwining currents which emanated from Saturn that divided the cosmic Sea of Neptune (Saturn). Myth is replete with Mars gods and their staffs, scepters, rods, or magic wands. Hermes, Thoth, Osiris, Horus to name a few. The Ankh and Cross are representations of this heavenly stream of plasma.

At the end of this age of wonders and miracles a great catastrophe occurred which forced people all over to leave their homes in search of a new place to live. Mars the great god in the sky was evoked to lead them to a promised land. Like the Greek stories, the Exodus is history with the heroic deeds of the Gods imbued in it.

Moses was Mars! The Burning Bush was Venus! And Jehovah was Saturn!