The exploits of great men or heroes doing superhuman feats under divine guidance have their roots in the starry heavens when planets hovering in close proximity to the Earth dominated the sky and acted in accordance to the laws of electrical interactions in plasma.
The planets were a continual source of wonderment as well as fear and anxiety for many centuries until the myth making epoch came to an end. These gods were then regulated to men with miraculous powers and herculean capabilities.
Moses is no exception.
He went up Mt. Sinai which originally referred to a heavenly mountain. Mt. Meru and Mt. Olympus were also celestial mountains.
The creator god Elohim is atop his holy mountain. Just like Buddha.
Elohim and Buddha are both variations of Saturn.
Saturn sat on top of his Holy Mountain.
The Burning Bush that continually burned was Venus in front of Saturn.
Other epithets for Venus are: Heaven Spanning Torch, The Fearsome and Radiant One, Terrifying Fire, Devouring Flame and Burning Star.
In the northern sky there was a gathering of planets above the Mount of Congregation. This was also referred to as the Assembly of God, Divine Assembly or Great Council in Native American lore.
The Rod of Aaron turned into a serpent. The rod and serpent is analogous with the Tree of Life and serpent.
The Tree of Life was the same as the Ladder to Heaven with ascending and descending angels.
Which is the same as the Mount of Congregation and the Column of Shu in Egyptian tradition.
The serpent was the intertwining helical currents that wound it’s way up this mountainous column or stream of glowing plasma. Described as a pure white light. It was the original Milky Way. It was also the support of heaven which Hercules and Atlas had to hold up.
The angels are synonymous with the golden apples of the Tree of Life. They were plasmoids sparkling with radiant glare.
Atlas steals the golden apples of Zeus.
Hercules returns the apples to Athena in the Garden of the North.
Mars was seen as confiscating the apples and returns them to Venus.
Moses was a lawgiver.
Manu was the Hindu Lawgiver who built a boat to escape a flood and rested on a mountaintop.
Noah was Mars also.
The great number of myths that have arks or boats surviving a great flood tells you that they were all looking at the same celestial imagery.
Venus was the Raging Eye. The Fiery Eye of Horus and The Eye Of Ra.
Mars was the Apple of the Eye.
Moses and Aaron were famous brothers. so was Romulus and Remus, Castor and Pollux, Indra and Agni, Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Apollo and Artemis even Cain and Abel.
Mars was mythically the Bringer of Pestilence or disease.
Did an approach of Mars cause the Plagues of Egypt?
Being a plasma orb it would create heat which would cause rodents and insects to reproduce at a very fast rate. The swarm of flies. The profusion of gnats and lice.
It would rain down charged material. The plague of hail and fire.
It would cause the death of cattle and other exposed animals.
It would also cause the plague of boils and sores and the smitten crops.
The Pillar of Fire by night and Pillar of Cloud by day was the fiery Column of Shu.
It was also the celestial Mount of Congregation.
Moses as a young baby was cast into the Nile amongst the reeds and rescued by temple princesses. 
Osiris was also cast into the Nile by Set putting him in a chest in order to protect him. 
Aditi hid Indra. 
Aphrodite took Phaethon away to serve in the goddess’ temple.
Moses parted the Red Sea.
The Red Sea was the celestial ocean.
Which was the same as the Sea of Poseidon and The Sea of Neptune.
When Mars ascended into the realm of the gods he was entering the great Cosmic Sea.
He was said to be walking on water.
A religion was created by bringing the exploits of the gods down to Earth and making them the exploits of superhumans.