The frequencies of the earth is being raised
It is a return to the Golden Age

In the beginning was the Word
The Word was the luminous sound ray of the creator god who was Saturn
The Golden Age was ruled by Saturn

You are the creator and you are the savior
You make your own holographic reality

When you hold positive thoughts moment to moment
You shift yourself to a positive reality

Stay in the highest excitement
Feel it in your heart

Your heart is your barometer
Listen to your heart

Electric charge is the frequency that determines your universe
One particle will become two in order to stabilize itself at a high frequency

The Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio
Are mathematical sequences based on electric principles
They show up in nature and in our own biology

The frequency of the earth is 432 hertz
A guitar is now tuned at A below middle C which is 440 hertz
It used to be at the 4th A which has a frequency of 432 hertz
We are being intentionally put out of tune with the earth

The poison glyphosate is sprayed on GMO foods
Fluoride and chlorine are also especially harmful
They block your energy and lower your vibration

We are in an energy field
Chromosomes in our DNA guide our frequency
Which enables us to shift realities

Sleep dreams and the awaken dream state
Are just different levels of consciousness

Sleep dreams connect you to other realities
But you will only perceive something if you vibrate at its frequency

There are deceptions at all levels

We are indoctrinated to believe we must consume animals for protein

Protein is created by our bodies when it is needed
The instructions for proteins are encoded in our DNA
Proteins are necessary for all body functions

Our bodies create protein from amino acids
About half of the different kinds of amino acids
Are also created by the body and are called non essential

The amino acids we need from outside sources are called essential
And are easily obtained from plants

We are not meant to eat animals
The cholesterol and unsaturated fats from animals are hard to process
And are stored as fat which blocks normal body processes

Eating animals lowers our vibration

When you go vegan and when you detox your energy flow is restored
You have to have a pure energy field to receive higher information

The belief that we live on a spinning globe is instituted for mind control
The sun does not rise or set
It only moves towards or away from your sight
It is small and very close

In the same manner ships do not go over the horizon
When they disappear just get out a zoom lens or telescope
And they will come back into view

The purpose of vaccines is to turn us into biological computers
Disconnecting us from our soul and connecting us to AI

That is also the real reason for cell phone towers
Which shoot harmful microwaves into our body

When you have a high frequency
You will vibrate to the Source

Discard fear and everything which lowers your vibration
Once you perceive higher realities you can vibrate with them
And change your future!