In the original Star Trek episode Shore Leave
Crew members are beamed down to a world
Where ones imaginings become reality

In the not too distant past
Exchanges with the plasma forces in the Universal Axis
Ignited the current that runs through
The complex meridians and axiatonal ley lines of our earth

This is what the healing of Reiki is based upon
Reiki is where the practitioner transmits the healing energy of God to the patient

It is of the upmost importance for the healer
To have high intent and focus on positive thoughts only

Our world is supposed to be a positive world based on high intent
Where our thoughts could lock into the Universal life force
And create a reality of our imaginings

Rei means the Wisdom of God
Ki means the life force energy

This was the plasma circulating down the Universal Axis
Referred to as the Power of the Holy Spirit

It was the green and bluish effervescence of the radiance of Venus
Who in front of Saturn created the Flower of Life
Which glorified the Father God in his Celestial Kingdom

This radiant plasma flowed down the North Polar Vortex to the Earth

Matter is a configuration of tetrahedrons
AI technology has changed the spin of electrons
Thus affecting the holographic algorithms of our universal blueprints

Saturn is the god of the Old Testament
And the elite worship Saturn also

But it is a variant of Saturn
When the density of the underworld caused Saturn to appear dark
And was referred to as Satan

The elite feel invulnerable now
And do not care what anyone says

We still have the power to imagine our reality
We have to understand our situation
Without focusing on it and giving it power

When we use our ability to imagine a positive reality
Just like in the Star Trek episode Shore Leave
It will come true!