The 7 Wonders of the World
Have been regulated far back into the dim recesses of a fake historical timeline

The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus Turkey
Was still drawn in all its glory by hand colored engravings in the 16th century

It towered to the clouds
And put all other sacred places in the shade

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was 330 feet tall
That is over 3 times the height of the Statue of Liberty
Which was also made during the same time period

As was the Statue of Zeus in Olympia Greece
And the Colossus of Rhodes Greece also called the Statue of Helios
Helios was the same as El who was the god of the Old Testament

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
The Great Pyramid in Giza
The Coliseum in Rome

All of the myriad of incredible architectural achievements in the classical period
Have been assigned to remote antiquity
And replaced by a medieval period separated by a dark age

The temple complex in Ephesus is also referred to as the Temple of Diana
It was built with megalithic stones of white granite and white marble

The complex of temples at Baalbek Lebanon has the worlds biggest cut stones
With the stones of the Trilithon weighing over 2 million pounds

Baalbek means the abode of El which was Saturn
And features the Temple of Bacchus and the Temple of Jupiter

They were bigger than the Temple of Solomon is Jerusalem
Which is similar to the Khnum Temple on Elephantine Island in the Upper Nile River
And to the Temple of Tel Arad which is just west of the Dead Sea

Anchor Thom and Anchor Watt in Cambodia are built like a computer grid
Pyramids were electrical couplets that drew out the earths energy and distributed it to obelisks
Where it was used as free energy

We have been deceived into believing we have evolved from apes
And given a false historical narrative

The melted and scattered stones of these temples were not the result of wind and water erosion
Just like the pulverized andesite of Puma Punka in Peru and Bolivia was not the result of an earthquake

The classical period was destroyed in electrical wars of high energy
And we are being kept in the dark!