Each soul’s past lives determine their individual vibration
When our soul takes up residence in the womb as a fetus
Our bioelectric field merges with our Mother’s oscillating pattern

When we immerse ourselves in nature
Our cellular bioelectric field
Connects to the electromagnetic field of the earth

All bodily functions are affected and stimulated
By the electromagnetic frequency of the heart

Our heart is supposed to have coherence to the brain
When thoughts fail to produce empathetic emotion
The heart mind connection is not consolidated

Negative emotions and a limited belief system
Condition the mind and results in
Insufficient energy transmission to the heart

The heart is not a pump
But is only responding
To the pulse waves of the blood

The blood is a conductor of electricity

All interactions are a transfer of energy
Including encounters with
Animals, insects, trees and plants

As harmonic heart energy increases
And moves toward the exterior
The body is renewed
And the soul is expanded