Have you ever been tied up and/or held captive and forced to endure great pain and torture? The sensitive creatures we call animals have to face it everyday! It happened to me as I was turning 6 and left me with a life of stuttering!
I can tell you it’s a horrible feeling! I had to endure being burned with hot coals! You’re powerless and you have to take it all in! You look at the coldness in your captives’ eyes and know they are capable of anything! I realize now that they were just releasing their own negativity upon me. Misplaced aggression. But when you’re being purposely harmed and restrained it’s more like being at the mercy of evil alien beings.

I wonder what animals are thinking when they are being hurt and held prisoner. They really just want to be our friends and live along side us in peace.            

We have the ability to make the lives of animals so much better. If we had more compassion and less greed, hate, and anger we could live harmoniously with the animals instead of caging and torturing them.

We develop an unfeeling attitude towards them so we can stuff their flesh down our mouths! Or so that we can rip off their fur while they are still alive in order to wear it!

Factory farms which account for 95% of the meat at supermarkets have zero compassion. Fur farms also have zero compassion. Small local farms may have some compassion for awhile but shut off those feelings in order to profit from the poor animals untimely death.
I include everyone who is in the animal exploitation/murder industry and the ones who are buying animal products! Fucking Stop It! NOW! Quit Fucking promoting this Fucking Madness!
We were never meant to eat animals! Their “meat” has no enzymes to break down and absorb the nutrients and protein.  The cholesterol and saturated fats cause heart disease and diabetes! Harmful bacteria invades our bodies.
I experienced briefly what the animals go through. I wanted desperately to return home and be with my family. I wanted to live out my life and not have it end at such a young age. A moment of opportunity appeared and I was able to escape.

But most animals are not so fortunate.  Just like me they wanted to be with their families. They wanted to be free and have the liberty to go where they want. They wanted to run in an open field or roam around in a forest. They wanted a home and a nice place to sleep. They wanted to play and explore.  They wanted companionship and love. They wanted to live out their lives in peace! But they suffered while being rigorously restrained, then forced to the slaughter house at a young age dying a slow brutal death at the hands of cold-hearted negative people!