Mohandas Gandhi grew up in a mansion in Mumbai India.
It had 3 floors 27 rooms and servants catering to the family’s every need.
While 95% of Mumbai is in extreme poverty.
They also had mansions in Porbandar, Rajkot and Bombay.
His father was prime minister for 15 years in Rajkot and Bikaner.
The Gandhis are also an elite banking family.
They became immensely wealthy from opium sales.
They made important connections to British aristocracy through the transport of opium.
His grandparent changed their name from Ghandy which is a Moslem name to Gandhi.
Their family is Moslem pretending to be Hindu.
Then Mohandas took it to another level pretending to be a ascetic spiritual Hindu.
Celebrating simplicity and poverty.
Making necessity a virtue.
Undertaking fasting for self purification and protest.
But it was all just a show intended to trick the audience.
Gandhi had spent many years in London at a very elite school.
Studying to be a lawyer.
Winston Churchill said it is nauseating to see Gandhi the Inner Temple lawyer posing as a half naked Hindu Ascetic organizing a campaign of civil disobedience.
The Inner Temple is the most exclusive part of the City of London.
The City of London is a restrictive square mile within London and is the worlds biggest financial center.
The super rich do not spend their time advocating for the rights of the poor.
They spend their time clenching on to their own power and trying to increase it.
Martin Luther King had also a background of advantage.
He is related to many wealthy and powerful people.
His real name is Michael King.
Martin Luther is just an alias.
A fake name.
His mother was a Lindeman which is a Jewish name.
The King family is of Irish nobility.
He is supposed to have quickly gotten 3 degrees from Boston University including a PHD finishing in 1955.
At the same time it is claimed starting at the age of 19 he was the pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist church in Atlanta Georgia.
Sounds like Obama who allegedly transferred to Columbia University achieving a masters degree though no one remembers him there.
Obama’s mother is Ann Stanley Dunham;
The Stanleys and Dunhams are billionaire families in England.
And are right behind the Rothschilds in power and influence.
If you’re rich enough you don’t even have to show up at the school or attend any classes.
The Secretary of Education billionaire Betsy DeVos didn’t attend any type of public school.
MLK is related to Rosa Parks.
Parks was just inserted into the role of the woman who refused to give up her seat in a bus while in reality it was Claudette Colvin who made headlines for doing so.
James Earl Ray was another actor.
His mother was a Maher which is also Jewish.
He is supposed to have escaped maximum security at the Missouri State Penitentiary by hiding in a bread truck.
And achieved a fake name with a Canadian Passport.
The story goes that he shot MLK in the face at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis Tennessee.
Where it is claimed MLK always stayed.
But photos of MLK in a casket show his face undamaged.
Ray is portrayed as another stupid assassin leaving his gun behind at the scene of the crime.
Just like Lee Harvey Oswald during the fake Kennedy assassination.
There is a photo allegedly taken right after the shooting showing African American men pointing but not giving chase to the unarmed assassin.
The photo also shows hotel maids taking a break totally oblivious to any shooting, yelling or pointing.
Obviously the whole thing was a fabrication.
Michael King, Rosa Parks and James Earl Ray were all cousins and actors.
Just like in the political debates on TV.
The participants are all paid insiders.
Designed to make you believe we are in a democracy.
But as soon as political parties are managed.
Elections become nothing more than theatre.
Giving you the illusion of choice.
When the people start to rise up because of the inequality and injustice.
The elite have a trick up their sleeve called controlled opposition.
The Civil Right Movement was hijacked and overseen.
Raising up leaders pretending to be one of them.
Putting them in the spotlight.
Showing them giving elaborate speeches and leading marches of protest.
But in reality power stays in the hands of the very rich.

Actors usually don’t have a lot of spiritual or moral background.
They pretend though in public that they are ethical.
When their true motives are totally selfish.
So their real lives become an act also.
This behavior is not restricted only to the rich.
But is prevalent throughout society.

You can notice that later in his life Gandhi’s appearance seems to have changed.
That is because he got tired of playing his role.
So a look alike maybe his brother was brought in.

From distant times down to our own days the privileged of society ally themselves against the populace.
This will not be remedied until the banishment of ignorance.
When the mind of every man becomes a sovereign.
And the heart of every woman a priestess.