The brightness of the luminaries will foretell the apocalypse

In The Beatles song Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Lucy is Lucifer and Lucifer is the terrifying aspect of a charged Mars
That wondered around inciting fear panic and trepidation
Growing large as it descended

The stars become diamond shaped

Twinkle twinkle little star
Up above the world so far

Like a diamond in the sky

We will all then live in a Yellow Submarine

As plasma floats above us as a celestial sea
The sky will turn a golden yellow due to the ionization of oceanic salt water molecules
That have drifted up from charge attraction
And we will once again enter a Golden Age

The Hopi say at the end of the last age
They wondered around looking for the Womb of the World or Place of Emergence

Amidst the gloom and fog they were guided by a star during the night and a cloud during the day
This corresponds to the Biblical fire by day and cloud by night theme of Exodus

During this time 2 twins were born Flint and Little Sprout
Flint was red and Little Sprout was a spark of light

Jacob wrestled with an angel and his brother Esau was red

Moses face glowed after he had come down from the mountain of god
He parted the Red Sea and his staff turned into serpents
His brother Aaron took over after his death

Mars is the red planet that glowed as he parted the waves traveling through the plasma ocean of Saturn
He waked on water and his staff was the polar column or world tree that had twisting snakes around it
Which were winding electrical currents

Flint after returning from a nearby tree with a bow and arrows fought with his brother
Same as Cain and Abel

Mars was Flint Moses Esau and Cain

He was also Indra
Thy form Oh Immortal One is seen expanding
Keep from us your terrible wrath
Lord of Battles loudly roaring Great Destroyer

The Celtic hero Cuchulainn had a crimson color and an ability to swell and assume a gigantic form
He became a many colored giant

This is Joseph putting on his multi colored coat
A Martian metamorphoses occurred as Mars descended toward earthly onlookers

Odysseus also changed his clothes to colors where none of the gods that rule the broad heavens recognized him
Nergal climbed down the celestial staircase and his size waxxed immensely

Indra like Phaethon stole his fathers chariot which was also the wagon of Thor
And like Apollo Reseph and Rudra
Indra is the Resplendent One that hurlest down his bolt of death

As the plasma apocalypse inserted healing plasma energy into the world
Mars became known as the great healer

Apollo was known as the Great Physician and healer of the gods
The name Jason who was the leader of the Argonauts means healer
Reseph the destroying god became the healer god

As the planets brighten
And as the change to the next age begins
Lucy will once again roam around the sky with diamonds!