The Sign of the Capstone
Which all Illuminati members love to flash
Especially ex President Trump

By putting their thumbs together
And their index fingers together
In the shape of a pyramid

Is also called the Sign of Horus
Who was Saturn

As seen from the perspective of our Earth Plane
The capstone was the top of the Central Axis
Which was alighted in the previous age
Due to the electrical charge being greater

The charge of the Central Axis
Attracted the planets to it
In the northern sky
In a celestial configuration

The Central Axis is the electrical current
Running through the middle of our plasma torus universe

The Capstone was right below Saturn

The Illuminati also like to flash the Sign of the Horns
By having their index and little fingers pointed out

A refection of light caused bright arcs to revolve around Saturn
When the revolving crescents were at the side position
They resembled horns

The revolving crescents are pictured in petroglyphs
And portrayed in myth and religion as arks or boats
In a myriad of ways

And at this side position it conveyed a capstone of a pyramid
Since the electrical universal axis current came to a point at Saturn

In the middle of the Capstone on the dollar bill
Is the all seeing Eye
Who was Venus in front of Saturn

Our universe was high vibrational and positively charged
Producing an abundance for all life

It has been intentionally downgraded
Causing the planets to disperse
And the Axis to go into dark mode

And now we have become slaves
To an alien race

Whose goal is to harvest your Life Force
Which is your Soul

And with the help of the Illuminati
Make people into mindless synthetics!