Starting in the 1940s up until the 1960s
DDT was used as a pesticide and fertilizer

When people came down with bad reactions
It was diagnosed as polio
And were given a polio vaccination shot

The polio shot was administered also as a preventive from polio
It had the polio virus in it
The stated bogus reason was to build up the bodys immune system

The vaccine also had formaldehyde
To kill the polio virus

When people died or were crippled from the polio vaccination
It was diagnosed as polio

The March of Dimes which supposedly helped kids who were crippled by polio
Was a big psy op

The fake vaccines are called shots because they are shooting you

They have come up with many different names for the same virus
Which has been passed down to latter generations

Yellow fever tuberculosis influenza cholera chickenpox mumps
Measles typhus malaria etc

Pleomorphism is how a pathogen will evolve or devolve according to internal conditions
Diagnosis becomes a magical shell game of how the injected virus is expressing itself

All diseases are acid related
Viruses feed on acidic matter
The body should be about 80 percent alkaline and have about 20 percent acidity
A high acidic pH in tissues will cause inflammation

Diet is very important
Acidic foods such as meat and dairy should be avoided

Lack of oxygen from wearing masks will also cause viruses to flourish
Viruses are created in a lab by messing with a cells DNA
And inputting carcinogens

Dormant viruses can be activated by electromagnetic pulses
New York has just recently declared a state of emergency over polio
And has been given 2.6 billion dollars to boost the vaccination rate

The Center for Disease Control or CDC recommends 49 doses
Of 16 different vaccines for children

In other words they are trying to eliminate the soul
By detaching the etheric soul from the physical body
A person becomes an automation who obeys orders

A healthy individual will not be a patient

Medicine is med a sin!