You can’t get away from it.
State, County, City, landscape companies, farmers and private citizens all use Round-Up as their primary herbicide and insecticide.
Glyphosate the main ingredient in Round-Up is sprayed on all GMO food which is in 90% of the processed foods in supermarkets.
Glyphosate is a chelator which means it binds to minerals and dust particles.
So it gets blown in the air.
Independent studies such as by the Journal of Environmental Health say it takes at least 8 years and most likely longer for Round-Up to break down and some say it hasn’t decomposed at all since their study began.
So there is an accumulation of Round-Up that takes place and each year there are more glyphosate particles in the air.
Round-Up is 50% glyphosate.
Other chemicals are added are to allow the glyphosate to penetrate the cells of the plants in order to kill it.
Glyphosate penetrates human cells and pokes holes in the stomach lining.
The Bt toxin which is a bacteria inserted into GMO foods also attack cells in the gut.
When cells are infiltrated by a toxic substance they become cancerous.
When glyphosate invades plants their Shikimate Pathway becomes unable to produce amino acids and thus proteins.
The reason why is that they cannot absorb the minerals needed because they are bonded with the glyphosate.
When glyphosate binds with nutrients our body is unable to be absorb the minerals.
Cobalt, mangnesium, selenium, calcium and zinc are some of the minerals that are grabbed by glyphosate making them unavailable to the body.
Our intestines also have a Shikimate Pathway.
When glyphosate enters it the beneficial bacteria are killed.
Allowing pathogens to grow.
Our gut bacteria makes up 70% of our immune system.
And they make all our B Vitamins. B3, B6, B9 and B12.
They also produce our fatty acids and proteins.
Our bacteria communicate with each other and with our cells.
They send out signals to the brain in a chemical exchange.
But when they are deficient they are unable to communicate.
So glyphosate destroys or compromises vital body processes including brain chemistry.
Toxins, allergens and carcinogens are produced by glyphosate.
The Gamma Zein protein which is a known allergen is produced by glyphosate.
When genetically modified proteins are in the body they cause adverse effects.
Free radicals are produced which kill normal healthy cells.
Enzymes have any functions such as Vitamin D and amino acid synthesis.
The Cytochrome P450 enzyme is critical because it breaks down toxins.
But glyphosate inhibits the production of enzymes.
Glyphosate is also an endocrine disruptor which means hormones are interfered with.
It blocks pathways and disrupts the transport of essential chemicals such as sulfur.
Glyphosate will bond with aluminum and invade the pineal gland disrupting the manufacture of melatonin.
Glyphosate will replace glycine in the collagen producing painful joints.
Glyphosate will accumulate in the bone marrow and in the brain.
This causes oxidative stress.
Neurological process are affected.
As a result neuro transmitters have to enter different pathways.
When the brain restructures itself to carry on it’s functions it is called encephalopathy.
Mental and emotional conditions such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, autism and PTSD are intensified by glyphosate.
Tryptophan is an amino acid which becomes deficient and depleted in the bloodstream if glyphosate is present.
Tryptophan produces serotonin which will also be diminished.
Serotonin is a neuro transmitter meaning it carries signals between nerve cells.
It is important for sleep and for feelings of well-being and happiness.
And for numerous other physiological processes.
Glyphosate also blocks the production of tyrosine.
Tyrosine is another amino acid and makes dopamine a substance that acts as a hormone and a neuro transmitter and is necessary for mental health.
The lack of tyrosine leads to anxiety and depression.
Being toxic glyphosate causes inflammation.
Which affects organs and glands.
The liver and kidneys try to break down glyphosate.
When they do ammonia and formaldehyde are produced as by-products.
They are poisons and they get in the blood and circulate throughout the body.
Hamsters, rats and mice get tumors, organ failure, gland damage and early death from glyphosate.
Monsanto performed horrendous lab tests on dogs and other animals.
Research scientist Dr. Anthony Samsel has shown how they doctored their results.
And got the EPA to seal data of these experiments from the public.
Los Angeles County has recently banned the use of Round-Up.
So has Chicago, Boulder, Colorado and Richmond, California.
Some countries such as France and Germany have banned Round-Up.
The United Nations classified glyphosate as a probable carcinogen.
Dr. Stephanie Seneff a research scientist at MIT is a leader in the crusade to prohibit Round-Up.
Arpad Pusztai a biochemist and nutritionist and the world’s most famous toxicologist in Europe was fired for publicly saying that glyphosate was harmful.
The International Association for the Research on Cancer (IARC) has shown how Monsanto manipulated the legal system and falsified data.
Monsanto has been poisoning people for quite awhile.
With DDT
Agent Orange
States and counties use hundreds of thousands of pounds of Round-Up a year.
The County treats a chemically inundated superfund site near me by spraying this carcinogenic poison on it.
Cities use tens of thousands of pounds of Round-Up a year spraying it at schools and parks.
States spray roads and freeways.
All because they say wild grasses and wild plants are unattractive.
Citizens spray it on dandelions.
The amount of pesticides and insecticides in our food should be zero.
The amount of pesticides and insecticides in our environment should also be zero.
We have become a brainwashed nation.