The exploits of great men or heroes doing superhuman feats under divine guidance
Have their inceptions in the starry heavens

When cosmic bodies at close distance gathered at the north celestial pole or Mount of Congregation
They were looked upon as gods and were a continual source of wonderment for many centuries
Until the myth making epoch came to an end

The gods were then regulated to men with miraculous powers and Herculean capabilities
Moses and Aaron were famous brothers with miraculous powers

So was Romulus and Remus
Castor and Pollux
Indra and Agni
Gilgamesh and Enkidu
Apollo and Artemis

Moses means to extract from the water
Aphrodite took Phaethon away from the Sea of Poseidon to serve in the goddesses temple

Osiris was cast into the Nile by Set
Putting him into a chest to protect him

Exodus 34:29 says Moses facial skin glowed after he conversed with the Lord
The Hebrew word translated as shiny or glowing is quaran which is where we get the word Koran
Quaran also means to have horns

The name of the Egyptian Pharoah Thutmose
Is a combination of Moses and the god Tut or Thoth
Thutmose means Thoth in the water

Thoth had the head of an ibis
An ibis is a bird with a long downcurved bill
Thoth is an alter ego of Osiris Anubis and Horus

Islam calls the devil an Ibis
Or they use the term Shayton which means Satan

Satan or the devil is pictured as having horns
The Baphomet which is the same as Satan has horns

When electrically interacting with Saturn on the Holy Mountain
Mars sent out beams or columns of light
The Hebrew word quaran means to send out rays of light

Talking with god was sending out an audible electrical discharge
This is the origin of blowing a horn

Moses parted the Red Sea
The Red sea was the plasma field of Saturn or his alter ego Neptune
This is also the inception of the belief that gods can walk on water

Moses causing water to flow from a rock
Was Mars attracting a discharge from Saturn the Rock of Ages

The flood of Noah was a celestial onslaught of plasma into the lower realms of heaven
Plasma took the form of dark billowy foamy primeval waters
Called the Deep in Genesis

The gates of heaven were opened
Plasma came rushing in from the outside

When Mars entered these waters a baptism or renewal took place

The cross pattern in front of Venus was flows of plasma
The cross was the 4 rivers or 4 winds
When Mars ascended to this area he seemed to expire

But then he would descend to the lower heavens or the underworld
Where he would seem to be resurrected or born again
He became youthful again without any maladies

These charged bodies in conductive plasma were the adventures of the gods
Which I dare say is the origin of all religion and myth!