The universe does not grant us what we want
It provides us with what we are

It is not about receiving what we request
It is about becoming what we seek

Nothing will change until we shift our vibration
To match that of our desires

We get a reflection of our own energy
As the universe responds to our frequency

Our choices become part of an intricate cosmic fabric
And intertwines with the divine flow of existence

Every decision we make echoes through the astral planes
Creating a wave of energy that reverberates with the whole

In the sacred dance of life
We are called to live with authenticity and integrity
And to honor the divine spark that exists within all beings

As we align with the spirit of the divine that pulses through us
We become creators of our destiny
And find fulfillment in the sacred journey of our existence

As participants of the cosmic plan
Each step is a divine expression

We become embraced by the infinite vastness of divine consciousness
And begin to live in harmony with the greater purpose that permeates life

We open up space for the magic
By weaving threads of intention along the tapestry of time

We are capable of manifesting our deepest dreams and aspirations
Of creating what resonates with our true nature

Every interaction is an opportunity to express our unique essence
And to bring light into this world

When we have a profound respect for all life forms
And live for the greater good

We influence the trajectory of creation
And turn into channels through which Source will manifest

As the currents of our energy intertwine with cosmic forces
We dance a cosmic ballet of interconnection!