The mummified remains of ancient giants have been found throughout the world. They have been discovered in pyramids, dolmens and megalithic temples. In America alone there are thousands of accounts of giants being unearthed in mounds, tunnels and underground chambers. These finds are documented in newspaper archives predominately from Colonial times to the early 1900’s. The manner in which they are buried is unusual to say the least. But there is a meaning behind the madness.
These giants are usually between 7 and 14 feet tall. They possess double rows of teeth – each tooth the size of a walnut. A receding forehead is common. Most have blonde or reddish hair but some have jet black hair. Many have 6 fingers and toes. And they have unusually large heads.
When the first white settlers came to the southern shores of Lake Erie in the late 1700’s they found extensive ancient earthworks and mounds. Nearby a large gravesite containing a few thousand graves was discovered. The occupants of these graves and the adjacent burial mounds became known as the Conneaut Giants.
Along the Illinois River ninety miles south of Peoria a farmer broke through a layer of clay and gravel to discover a site that contained well over three thousand burials. In what became known as the Dickson Mounds, 248 of these giant skeletons were unearthed but left ‘in situ’ and a building was constructed over them which became open for tourists but later was shut down by the Smithsonian.
The Channel Islands off the California coast are a beautiful site to behold. Apparently the ancient Giants enjoyed them also as their remains have been found on each of these islands. In the early 1900’s on Santa Rosa island thousands of blonde hair nine feet tall giant skeletons were unearthed and put up for sale in a museum right there in the small tourist town of Avalon under the direction of Ralph Glidden.
In Death Valley giants were found in an underground cave system. They wore thick golden armbands and had long gold ‘spears’.
Another subterranean complex was discovered in the Grand Canyon where giants were found in rows of receding vaults perched in a high wall that encircled a large room.
West of Springerville, Arizona ‘catacombs’ of giants were found covering 4 acres with ceilings as high as fifty feet.
But the most dramatic below ground discovery is a cave system encompassing 180 square miles in the Colorado desert. It not only had strangely costumed giants 8 to 9 feet tall but also had well preserved remains of imperial elephants, saber tooth tigers and other extinct animals.
It is good to be skeptical about some reported findings but at the same time it is important to have an open mind.
An ancient city six miles long that was built by giants was discovered in Nevada.
Another ancient city of giants was found near Dunnville Ontario, Canada with skeletons of enormous size and having perfect teeth.
The Grand River Damn in Mayes County Oklahoma submerged an ancient city where giants once lived and is estimated to have had at least 100,000 residents.
Many giant skeletons are also found in the burial mounds.
It is estimated that there were originally over 100,000 mounds in America. Now only a small percentage are left and are erroneously ascribed to Native Americans.
Ohio had an estimated 10,000 mounds.
Most mounds were in the Midwestern and Southeastern parts of America but in Kern County, California near Bakersfield hundreds of giants were found in mounds.
Many mounds are effigy mounds of various animals such as deer, lizards, rabbits, birds, bears, panthers, mammoths etc.
Wisconsin is the effigy mound capital of the world with Crawford County having over 500. The area around Devils Lake has 734 mounds. Giants are sometimes found in these mounds. The mounds consist of layers of clay, ashes and stones and their entrances have colored sand in saucer shaped pits.
The Great Serpent Mound in Ohio is the most famous effigy mound and is 1254 feet long.
The great ancient city of Cahokia near St. Louis had over 150 mounds. The biggest being 100 feet high and 1000 feet long. The giants exhumed there had copper ‘armor’.
Copper was a favorite commodity of the giants. They got it from the copper mines around Lake Superior and at Isle Royale in the Keenesaw Peninsula in Northern Michigan. The copper there is almost a pure quality and so it is easily determined if the copper came from there.
Copper, silver and gold are the best conductors of electricity.
Found in the giant burials are Copper crowns, copper breastplates, copper bracelets, copper anklets, copper rings, copper bead necklaces, copper ‘axes’ and engraved copper tablets.
In fact the whole body is sometimes encased in copper.
The ‘spears’ found are sometimes of copper but also sometimes of gold.
Treasures of gold and silver have been reported in these burials.
Silver ‘undergarments’ and thick gold armbands have been found on giant skeletons.
Mica is an excellent insulator of electricity.
The giants were frequently buried with plates of mica.
Mica jewelry and mica ornaments are also very common in the burial sites.
The mica was taken from the mica mines near Barkerville, North Carolina.
Flint, jasper, ivory and obsidian objects are also in the burials.
Beautifully engraved stones, vases and bowls have been discovered.
The horned rattlesnake palette from Moundville Alabama is perhaps the most famous along with the Newark Holy Stone.
Tablets with hieroglyphics are unearthed. The Cincinnati Tablet found in 1841 is a good example.
Pipes in the shape of mastodons have been found.
A soapstone trumpet was found in East Tennessee buried with the remains of giants.
The ‘Clovis Point’ arrowheads or spears which have been used to date the so-called Clovis People who are considered the first inhabitants of North America are nothing more then the manufacture of projectile points by the early giants. These were not for hunting just as the ‘fish hooks’ found were not for fishing.
The vaults encasing many of the giants are made of a hard cement-like substance.
The giants are often clothed in a garment made of a very strange fabric.
The burial pattern and settings are very intriguing.
They are buried in layers of charcoal, ash and yellow clay mixed with ‘pottery fragments’.
Along with the precious metals and gems – shells, pearls, bones and teeth are placed in the burials in unique ways.
Pearls are often placed in the mouth while the giant is wearing a pearl necklace.
Ornamented copper sticks protrude out on each side of the head. These antennae are obviously electrodes serving as conductors of electrical energy.
The giants were creating a certain vibrational frequency which promoted mental telepathy and the transference of consciousness.
Sometimes they are sitting. Sometimes they are standing. Many are grinning.
Usually one has an arm reaching out to a small oven shaped box. This is to connect to an electrical power source.
Other times they are buried in a circle with a very tall giant in the middle.
On Catalina Island 64 blonde children were found in a circle, in tiers four deep with their heads close together. In the middle was a young girl crouched in an upright position reaching out and clenching the rim of a richly ornamented ‘urn’. Right below them was a 7 foot 8 inch giant with a huge ‘spear blade’.
Many other hominoids have also been unearthed in close proximity to the giants. Some have cone shaped heads. Some are small three feet tall ‘elves’.
Some of these small beings have horns. Thses have been found at Sayre Pennsylvania, at Wellsville New York and at a mining village outside of El Paso, Texas.
Others have elongated heads resembling the Egyptian engravings and statues which are ascribed to King Tut, Queen Nefertiti and Princess Meritaten. These beings with elongated heads have been found all over the world and especially in Peru where megalithic structures are common.
The round basalt towers or ‘Challpas’ at Sillustani, Peru on Lake Umaya near Lake Titicaca were for harmonic resonance.
The many huge circular depressions in Peru such as at Pisaq and Moray were for utilizing the Earth’s energy grid and producing acoustical effects.
The pyramids were energy generating devices and the chambers inside them were acoustical resonating areas used to attain a higher consciousness as well as for uplifting and healing.
Energy transference and electrical differential is also the key to understanding how megalithic stones sometimes weighing hundreds of tons could be cut, shaped, lifted, moved and put perfectly into place.
The ancients were masters of vibration and sound frequency and could utilize electrical energy to do amazing feats.
Maybe they buried themselves in a such way to utilize and manipulate these frequencies.
And maintain a connection to this realm.