It is called the medieval age
Because of all the evil that happened in the middle era
Between the Atlantean period and the present epoch

It was the elimination and gradual takeover of civilizations
The kingdoms of Egypt Sumer Mesopotamia etc were overthrown
The ones in India Asia Africa and the Americas were wiped out

Tartary the latest and most widespread culture suffered the same fate
Greek and Roman empires were part of Tartary
And existed in the later medieval time period

These countries were typically ruled by giants
Who were intelligent and ethical
With a reverence for life and beauty

They have been replaced by members of families with Satanic blood lines
Who become possessed by off world entities

The buildings of the past are masterpieces of design and technology
And we are not able to replicate them today

Free energy was widespread
Electrum a combination of gold silver and copper was used to transmit energy
It was the triangle shaped summit on top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt

The urim and thummim contained in breastplates were uranium and thorium
They connected one to higher frequencies and were a source of divination

Today through stratospheric aerosol injection
Aluminum is sprayed everywhere

Like the stored fat from the animals we consume
Aluminum gets ingested and causes the body to malfunction

Fluoride is poured in our drinking water
And our pineal gland which connects us to the cosmos is deactivated

Bentonite clay which takes out heavy metals in the body
Is being taken off the shelves in stores

Poisons are sprayed everywhere by mind controlled sheeple
Poisons are also put in our food supply to keep us in a low unhealthy vibratory state

We are all psychically connected to the infrastructure of our collective reality
When an energetic signature is transmitted out into the plasma field
It will emanate within all of us

As we embark on our individual journey of self revelation
We encounter the larger tapestry of our existence

It is essential to know when the mind is stuck in the past
And very important to be cognizant of when we are worrying about our fate

Instead take pleasure in experiencing the present
Create scenarios that are not bound to the reality of others

Like the Goddess waving her circling wand
Bring into existence with the power of your mind
What the world should be!