Everything is vibrating at its own particular frequency
Your vibration dictates how you experience life

You bring forth your truth and desire by what you radiate
You set up resonance with anything external that is on the same frequency

The entire universe is energy
Your energy is your state of consciousness
Your thoughts are powerful cosmic waves that permeate space

If you are carrying low vibrational emotions from negative self talk
It will affect your daily circumstances

Your situations will confirm how you feel about yourself
Your interactions with others will bring out what you have inside
The macrocosm reflects the microcosm

Look at what traits and attributes you have deemed undesirable
That you have suppressed and pushed down into your subconscious

See what attitudes are causing you to act in a low vibrational manner
Do not play the victim where you think reality is just randomly acting upon you

Our lives are shaped by internal forces that extend beyond our conscious awareness
The complex firings of billions of neurons orchestrates our experiences

Thoughts are the culmination of a vast network of interconnected processes
They are the intricate workings of the brain resulting in complicated patterns of vibrational energy

Imagine yourself in a peaceful and serene location
With no worries or turbulent thoughts

Visualize yourself breathing deeply
Absorbing the calmness and tranquility of that environment

The mental image will induce a state of relaxation and inner silence
Develop complete acceptance of yourself

Observe unproductive thoughts without merging with them
Recognize them without judgement
And they will pass like clouds floating in the sky!