Your personal problems are only fleeting illusions in the vastness of being
By deeply understanding that your problems do not really exist
You tap into a state of inner freedom

You are capable of transcending any challenge with clarity and discernment
This awareness unlocks unlimited potential within you

And allows you to move through life with confidence
Instead of being stuck in a cycle of worry

When you have a calm and silent mind
You become a receptor to the answers that arise from within

You transform into a channel of universal wisdom
That gives you a harmonic push towards an effective solution

Problems are not insurmountable
They are programs being played out
They are the product of a conditioned mind

By allowing them to be an integral part of your identity
You reinforce a sense of separation and suffering

When you open yourself up to the truth of the present moment
That you have the power to choose what thoughts and beliefs you want to nurture
You realize life is far more simpler than imagined

No problem is greater than the peace that resides within you
Your true essence is strength and resilience

Problems are only opportunities for growth
And catalysts for transformation
By letting go of the idea of problems you make room for acceptance

In the precious opportunities that life presents
We will flourish with a newfound vitality

We will effortlessly manifest the prosperity that we desire
Grandeur knows no bounds

Within our vast existence is a singular energy capable of healing all inflictions
Love is the cohesive agent that connects the entire cosmos
By harboring infinite love we contribute to the harmony of the universe

As we tune in to the universal energy
We become conscious cocreators of our reality

We are unique expressions of universal consciousness
And are endowed with infinite power and potential

Problems are just temporary manifestations of the mind!