If Nagasaki and Hiroshima were hit by atomic bombs
Packed with many pounds of radioactive particles such as Uranium 235 and Plutonium 239
That have half lives of thousands of years

Then why are those cities flourishing and prospering
With no signs or evidence of radiation poisoning

It is because it is another cover up story
One that conceals laser weaponry and its use upon the citizenry
In this case maybe a million people were killed

What does Louis Pasteur Jonas Salk and Anthony Fauci have in common
They are all frauds meant to deceive the public

They are modern versions of the witch hunts
That burned women alive for their knowledge of herbal medicinal treatments
In some Swiss villages there were hardly any women left alive

Universities today are funded heavily to engineer genetically modified plants to be used as food
GMOs cannot be incorporated into the body and have no nutritional value

Dentistry today for the most part is a big joke
They zap you with radiation
They give you unnecessary root canal operations which cause the veins to the teeth to be infected with bacteria
They cut down your teeth and give you fillings full of mercury which numbs your brain
They use fluoride which is a toxic chemical that calcifies organs
They take out your very important wisdom teeth
They regrowth of teeth can be accomplished by the use of stem cells but is being kept from the public

Pure clean water is found in most places 200 – 300 feet below the ground
And can be easily pumped up
Instead we are given treated surface water that is full of added toxic chemicals

Crops can be easily grown to enormous size with no need for chemical spraying
By the use of sound vibration
Instead crops are given synthetic fertilizer
And routinely sprayed with Round Up whose main ingredient is the poison glyphosate

Your sixth sense is your guardian angel
That opens the door to the Temple of Wisdom

Your sixth sense is your medium of contact
Between the finite mind and Infinite Intelligence

Through the aid of your sixth sense
You will be warned of impending dangers in time to avoid them
And notified of opportunities in time to embrace them

It is a flow based journey
Doubt and anxiety are indicators of the disruption of your energy flow
Make them flow enhancers by shifting your perspective

The world operates from your perspective in a benefitting way
The world changes to contribute to your visualized ideal
Think and conduct yourself according to your optimum vision

Awareness of ones own divine nature connects you to the Infinite
As a conduit of expression you are involved in creation

If you wish to see the world as a better place
You must affirm the existence of divinity within

Without mental strain allow your attention to authentically remain
On what is related to your grand and splendid vision!