As the majority of the population is on high stress overload
Just trying to meet the most fundamental and basic human needs

They cannot begin to fathom the larger reality
Of off world divide and conquer strategies

And the complicity of human controllers
Implementing slow kill methods through legal poisoning

Soft kill methods of vaccinations water fluoridation GMOs chemtrails
Herbicides insecticides pharmaceuticals artificial sweeteners
Flavor enhancers preservatives and the consumption of animals

All impair immunity and consciousness over the long term
Radically shifting the frequency and chemistry
Of the brain central nervous system and DNA signals

The worlds militaries are overrun by negative aliens who conceal their presence
The manufacture of endless enemies
Make the public accepting of the permanent war economy

Hundreds of thousands of military personnel
Have been used in human experiments
Of chemical and electromagnetic technology

To control thought patterns
By turning on and off genetic switches
Overriding the natural rhythm of brain wave configurations
Which can be used to promote subjugation and obedience without question

The acting out of the written dramatic script on the world stage
Intimidates everyone into learned helplessness
WW3 can start at any moment

Alien hybridization in controller bloodlines
Makes them less human

There has been extensive conflicts among the elite factions
To control the hidden alien technologies
Which has resulted in their compartmentalization by their alien masters

Genetic engineering of the masses
Has degraded the human body and shut down genetic switches
Now we have only 2 active DNA strands out of the original 12

Transhumanism destroys our bodys bio spiritual capability

Exposure to EMF waves of light and sound
Control thoughts through transmitted images and suggestions

Extensive genetic cloning results in spiritually dead bodies and biological drones

When bio neurology is damaged
It is harder for a person to embody their soul
Because the lower vibration repels the resonate frequency
Of their higher self

When a soul is imprisoned and unable to grow
Being bombarded by the frequency fences of belief systems
It creates spiritual fragmentation
And a host of deviant psychological and behavioral dysfunctions

It is clear what the purpose is behind this manipulation
To keep us unaware of our true nature
And keep us enrolled in the death culture
Which feeds dark entities!